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Hi, I am really struggling to get bute into my very fussy horse. He will eat Danilon in a bit of Speedybeet but bute is a definite no no, he would rather starve. I have been using a dosing syringe with the bute mixed in a little water but the water separates and the powder just gets wedged in the top of the syringe. I have tried apple sauce, cinnamon, will try mint next but would be grateful for more ideas. Thanks
Thanks for getting in touch. We are staying with a relative atm. Horses all at a mate's place in Wales until we get sorted. Got 2 in work and 2 retired who could possibly go elsewhere. I was birn over here but not lived here for over 20 years so starting from scratch looking around. Thanks.
Anybody able to tell me if I can tow a single Cheval or Robinsons or similar trailer with my 2012 Kia Sportage 2 litre Diesel AWD?. I believe it is okay for 1700 - so 750 approx for trailer plus a single chunky cob of about 500 should leave me plenty for managing hills?