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In my defence... I did only join to take the mick out of hunting all those years ago... but I ended up arguing the case for barefootedness instead - ah well, that's life.
My little 25yr old Cushings pony has Temporal Mandibular problems, he won’t eat chaff type mixes or mash, and struggles with some hay. He is ok with short grass (which is what he is kept on), but any suggestions what I can try him on when there is no longer any grass? He does eat Hi Fibre nuts, but it’s forage I’m wondering about.
Hi Milliepops! I've been searching about riding in the forest or Dean. I'm from Cheltenham and really hoping to spend a Saturday or sunday soon in the forest in my horse. I found a thread about hacking in the forest of Dean from commented and I was hoping you might be bale to point me in the right direction. I'm hoping to make a day of it with my bestie and her pony and the boyfriends with picnic. Any tips?
You now have me under « helffrich«, which is not of my choosing. I’m confused...
Way back then, I was known as Blackeventer.
What happened...???
Hi, I am really struggling to get bute into my very fussy horse. He will eat Danilon in a bit of Speedybeet but bute is a definite no no, he would rather starve. I have been using a dosing syringe with the bute mixed in a little water but the water separates and the powder just gets wedged in the top of the syringe. I have tried apple sauce, cinnamon, will try mint next but would be grateful for more ideas. Thanks
Thanks for getting in touch. We are staying with a relative atm. Horses all at a mate's place in Wales until we get sorted. Got 2 in work and 2 retired who could possibly go elsewhere. I was birn over here but not lived here for over 20 years so starting from scratch looking around. Thanks.
Anybody able to tell me if I can tow a single Cheval or Robinsons or similar trailer with my 2012 Kia Sportage 2 litre Diesel AWD?. I believe it is okay for 1700 - so 750 approx for trailer plus a single chunky cob of about 500 should leave me plenty for managing hills?