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  • Hey Laura, Sorry only just seen this!!

    I don't use it with other supplements as she doesn't have any but I can't see why you shouldn't be able to. I don't think it smells much at all to be honest, can't say I've noticed it anyway!

    The first week was pretty expensive! I used a small tub (£20) in 7 days :eek: but after that it wasn't too bad. It says to feed it per feed but I think if you just fed it once a day it would be OK. I was able to gradually reduce the amount she had and now she only really gets it before an exciting occasion.

    Hope that helps :)
    Hi ya

    Sorry you said you were using the relax me for your mare. Can you use it with other suppliments, mine is currently on shake relief by naf and protexin for her sloppy bottom.
    It is very smelly as she is a fussy eater. Also do you find is very expensive per day after loading etc.

    sorry for all the questions..


    Laura :)
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