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    How do you store your electric fence posts neatly!

    I've tried old dustbins, feed bags and tying in bundles, they still manage to escape somehow, or if I want one I get ten at once! What really annoys though is not just how tangled the tape gets, but how does it turn into spiraling ringlets when I'm trying to get it to lie flat back on the spool?
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    Found effective Fly spray 😁

    I'm using a homemade cream. Fed up with paying the earth for fancy bottles and sprays that contain goodness knows what and generally do not much apart from empty my purse and fill someone else's. So, aqueous cream as a base, 8 - 10 drops of citronella (bit controversial, but doesn't cause my...
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    Best Battery WiFi Yard CCTV?

    Bumping this as I'm also interested, and a bit behind the times/cash strapped and without mains power.
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    This advert

    Poor little guy. Wish he could come and join my happy band. The humans at least are used to 'little man' Shetland antics, not so sure about the equines though!!!!
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    Anyone else’s shedding yet?

    My Connie has started, but the hackney X hasn't.
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    Breyer - model/toy horses, real horses and cruelty

    People are still so ignorant and cruel for misplaced beauty idealism. They should have a brace like that up their backside so they can see how it feels. But then perhaps the sadistic Barstewards might like it. Until recently I didn't know about any of this wanton cruelty in the USA. I kind...
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    Deep cleaning grooming brushes

    Just done both boys kits in virkon, all their grubby towels are soaking in it now. Worked a treat on all the brushes and the boxes.
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    Correct “neck attire” with tweed?

    Shirt and tie was always what I wore with tweed, stock with black jacket.
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    Side saddle taster sessions Cambs Sun 9 June

    I would love that, much too far away though :(
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    ‘Safety’ stirrup warning

    I was always taught about the too much grip thing. Don't like theses modern plastic jobs anyway, they look to me like a gimmick that will fade from existence eventually. There's a reason the traditional styles have gone on so long without drastic modification! Not only that they work, but...
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    Strange behaviour with back leg

    Could be unwanted 'guests' in his sheath that tickle more when you tack up?
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    Horse ‘yucking’ head down while hacking?

    Could be a too tight noseband pressing on a nerve. Try loosening it a bit before you go to any expensive options. Get the saddle fit checked too, he could be trying to stretch tense muscles.
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    Best turned out class - what shirt to wear?

    If (sorry to be personal and for assuming you are female) you don't have a massive bust, try boys school shirts, cheap as chips and the collars often fit ladies better than men's shirts. Also not too bulky to tuck in or have under a fitted jacket.
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    Wits End with Colic and more colic

    Could you have him checked for lymphoma in his gut. TBH, I'm not sure how it's done, but one of my much missed old boys had it and it went undiagnosed right up until it totally blocked his gut. He had the same gassy response to new grass, and it was mentioned by me to the vet everytime they...