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    ANIMO BREECHES - dodgy sizing?!

    Does it really matter what size they are once they fit and are comfortable? Italian brands notoriously come up small but it doesn't really make a difference what it says on the label if they fit
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    Victoria Pendleton to train as a jockey

    Actually she was riding in an Amateur race in which professionals cannot compete and given that there was a huge question mark on whether or not the horse would get the trip you cannot assume he would have won with someone else. She rode a super, tactical race and jumped everything safely before...
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    Insurance claim Q

    You hold the vaccination record in the form of her passport which should have been filled out and signed every time she was vaccinated so you shouldn't actually need the Vet for this bit. In terms of clinical history just because the practice is gone the notes should be somewhere. Make...
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    Wax for rider's boots

    The specific on she uses is Sekur Grip
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    Horse is fitting after head injury- what are my chances?

    Thinking of you and your lovely mare. I too know only too well the euphoric feeling of turning a corner and the amazing sleep that you get when the dread lifts. My 19year old spend a week colicking horribly last was not an option and every time I thought we were at the end...
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    Reflective vest with zipped pockets?

    Go to a cycling shop! Best place for decent lightweight hi vis gear with pockets
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    Feeding for weight gain but ulcer prone...

    Another vote for Blue Grass Re-Leve. it has turned my 19 year old inside out. He always ran up a bit light and after a horrific 5 day colic in October (we nearly lost him) he was horribly skinny and weak. He has always been sharp and spooky but no issues at all on the Re-Leve. It's a feed I have...
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    Saddles - looking for a specific design

    Meyer Selles make a saddle with a cut back panel that doesn't impact on the shoulder at all. They are made to order so you could essentially get whatever you want. In the interests of complete transparency I will say that I am the agent for...
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    Disgusted with what I've just watched

    OP for the record the office is right beside the main arena and you could have easily walked in there and reported your concerns. It is manned 99.99999% of the time while a show is on! And I also think you should ask for this post to be removed or at least amend your OP as it is incredibly...
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    No energy update - not good news...

    Woah it's a big big jump from lame on lunge and suspecting suspensories to surgery. For a horse that hacks etc I would medicate suspensories before ever contemplating surgery. Far less invasive and success rates are good.
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    Sold a dangerous horse trailer!!!

    Great that they have refunded etc and best of luck in the search for the next one. I do think you should try borrow a good condition trailer and do a bit more towing before the next one though. With a front damper gone it would have been horrible to drive with and you should really have noticed...
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    AP to ride a dressage horse

    That is rather an unfair comparison. Send him off to win multiple Olympic and World Championship golds track cycling and see how he'd get on!! There's plenty of other amateur jockeys (some with serious racing credentials in terms of family) out there on higher caliber horses pointing that are...
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    LOVE my pony! Goof vids and pics....

    Aw wee Goofarkle is getting all grown up. Well done he is a credit to you xx
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    tendon injury/shoes

    Was the second vet doing a work up to give a second opinion and have they seen all scans etc? I would be slow to listen if they just said in passing oh take the shoes off. What rehab have you been doing for the tendon?
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    Blair Europeans on TV now

    Repair to a frangible was reason for hold but Camille Guyot was eliminated so would guess that was the fall that caused the damage.