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    Dressage Olympic Dressage, will judges be brave?

    I have no idea who they are, I just happened to click on that video and agreed :p
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    Dressage Olympic Dressage, will judges be brave?

    I don't know how people embed Youtube videos, but I think this about covers what I mean - I'm not saying some of the better piaffe's there are perfect, but the difference is notable. ETA: Ooooh I somehow managed it, go me! :p
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    Dressage Olympic Dressage, will judges be brave?

    He sounds fab, I love a good piaffe. I completely agree with what you're saying, but these awful piaffes are still getting 8's! I just think we are breeding extension machines and moving away from collection and sit in these but flashy legged warmbloods. Give me a more economical horse that...
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    Dressage Olympic Dressage, will judges be brave?

    I completely think they do. I have seen some bang average (by their standards) tests scored highly compared to lovely - but sometimes less 'extravagant' - tests by the smaller names. I also think most (sweeping generalisation of course) have lost the art of the piaffe. I haven't seen a proper...
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    Another valuing a horse thread

    I laughed :p
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    Another valuing a horse thread

    £2500 from the field with videos etc - as someone is taking a punt on you being honest. £4500 if you can get her back into some sort of work so she can be properly viewed and tried.
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    Valuing a horse for sale...

    If she can babysit a novice, and is nice to be around, no vet history etc you could probably put her up at £8k or thereabouts. The current prices are crazy!
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    Premier Equine

    Well, 19hh with shoes one. 18.3hh and a bit truly without. Lump of a boy! My rug list was generally as follows: Rambo - worth looking at second hand, but rare as people keep hold of them. Loved every one I have owned Masta - come up small, better for narrow. Their liner system is naff, but...
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    Premier Equine

    I had a 19hh horse, who was in a 7ft6 and bought him a second hand PE 400g rug when he was living out and it was snowing. I could barely throw the rug over him when it was dry, let alone when it was damp or wet as it was so heavy. I had to half get it on and just drag the rest, lucky he was a...
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    Things you never thought you'd hear yourself to say to a horse...

    Slow down on that guiness Jacob or you'll be stumbling down the hill home.. I had bought him a pint at the half-way pub on a hack.
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    vets charging admin fees for processing insurance forms- is this the new norm?

    Yep, mine is £25 and it still takes them 6 weeks, if not longer.
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    Does this face look bothered

    I will be honest, I didn't spot that you were even on him at first - I thought it was some sort of treeless saddle. Only half way through my Friday morning coffee, I'd like to think that explains it. 😂
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    Are Bates saddles really all that bad?

    I had a Bates on my old boy and I loved it, very comfortable saddle, looked smart and suited both of us. Saying that, I didn't have Cair, it was flocked.
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    An option for camping in a horse trailer

    Great idea but they have completely priced themselves out of the market - it's not a difficult thing to replicate either which doesn't help them. Unless they company is particularly leveraged, or they have picked horrendously expensive materials I can't see how they can justify that price or...
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    Facebook for the good - stolen pony returned

    Oh absolutely agree with this in a generalised sense, just with specific regard to thi case an arrest would have been difficult as you would need to pin point who was responsible.