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    Why does it seem so big?

    It all went to pot when we went metric. !00 is only 3ft 4 , Your horse if it is anything other than a shetland ,has only to bend its knees to clear it. And an 80 is essentially a trip hazard at not even 2ft 9 . It just confuses big horses because they cant jump small, they are still trying to...
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    Hosepipe ban

    People tend to notice the leaks in dry weather . Why? Because dry weather causes leaks. Ground shrinks and contracts busting pipe , then the water companies have to boost the pressure to maintain flow and prevent back flow of contamination into the system ,so more leaks. Meanwhile on the...
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    Bit troubles?

    Bottom Line ! You have a young green horse(congratulations, a world ahead of you both),You need expert help. A novice rider can learn from an experienced horse ,and a green horse can find its way with an experienced rider. But green horse and green riders , you need expert assistance.
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    Saddle failure.

    Just to add , went to my saddler with the wreckage , Oh we can fix all that !.He Seemed more concerned with the gouge the bar had made down the flap. A few minutes with leather dye and a "bone" and it looked great to me (though my saddler is a perfectionist and was less impressed. Gave him a...
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    Saddle failure.

    Well , after 16 plus years of sometimes rather full on use ,my saddle has a broken stirrup bar. Its a wellep adjustable bar , and a wonderful thing for fine tuning stirrup position. Stainless steel is tricky stuff and ultimately can crack . I absolutely missed the signs , why do my stirrups feel...
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    For fun, guess at moggy breeding?

    He is an Orlando.. as in Orlando the marmalade cat , Simplz.,
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    18 yr old 15’1’ how much?

    Bob is 18, you couldn't buy him ,Elon Musk couldn't afford him !Home for life.But if my health failed he would be sold for a £1 to the right home.Edited to add that the remainder of my money would engage a team of ex SAS to ensure his wellbeing! LOL
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    Aldi - Wheel locks & hitchlocks

    Anything trailer ,I go to Trailertek in micheldever hants. Great service , parts get delivered in a flash!
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    Biuebell the connie ,what a great name ! I hope there is a Bluebell, and a connie?
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    Best roofing materials for stables

    I take it that the panels are not blue asbestos. nasty stuff. White asbestos (chrysotile) is not particularly dangerous as I understand. I wouldn't mess with it it, just leave it alone. But each to their own opinions. Onduline is only any good if laid over a boarded roof. Put on between joists...
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    PETA kills puppies

    Hmmm.! Meeting my beloved animals again is ,to be quite honest ,going to end in an Irish draught style punch up. WHY IS HE WEARING MY SADDLE!,.... THATS MY BEST EXERCISE SHEET. You left it in my horsebox .Who,s horsebox !My rug just makes your arse look big ! And so it starts. St Peter...
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    Running backwards/napping

    if they wont go forwards ,turn around and rein back till they have got the message.
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    Help! Horse flies

    It has just recently occurred to me why Bob has such an impressive collection of spiders in his Box. He is their "felonious Gru" and they are his minions. Instant death to flies stupid enough to come into his box. The good ladies about the yard complain about spiders , Bob says send them here...
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    Forecast this week and shows not postponing!

    I think these days ,fans should be compulsory on all livestock transport. A few years ago ,I got caught out bringing a horse from Ceredigion to Surrey. Plan went to bits early on when horse destroyed partition. Didnt dare go in to horse area . It seemed to accept the situation but mentally I was...
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    Hello Scotland

    Haven't a clue, but welcome anyway.I am sure someone who knows will be along in a few minutes.