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    2 year old child dies falling from her pony.

    I also opened a post on this subject .I cannot find any reason why a two year old would be out hunting other than the vanity of the parents.
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    Magnetic Boots

    I tried magnetic boots on my horse but he kept swerving into scrap metal yards!
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    Low BE entries - what’s up with that?

    In a cold clinical way you are correct .However what gets riders to enter and what disenchants riders are entirely another matter. I think grass roots has been the best thing for eventing since sliced bread. However the distance one might have to travel to a "regional" is ridiculous . It nearly...
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    Low BE entries - what’s up with that?

    I come across disechanted riders regularly. They put in all the effort and training but their wonderhorse (absolutely blinding xc and sj but was born with four left hooves when it comes to dressage. You kind of loose heart when you see a dressae3 horse which can just about make it round a 100...
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    Mechanical Horse Session

    Hi, I,m mike,Bobs owner and I can so relate to this thread. Bob is dificult to say the least . I find it hard to trust him and give the contact and let him relax into it. Hi ,I,m Bob, Mike is difficult to say the least .He hangs on to me like he doesnt quite trust me and I throw my head up in...
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    Awful news

    You never get over it ,you just file it away in your "hurt locker" Nick is someone who I have for a long time considered a friend . Who else but Nick would remember a horsebox drivers name. I know him to be a caring and considerate person who has always had time for others. I am sure Sophie is...
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    Awful news

    What a tit.Bet his insurers were unimpressed
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    Would you?

    Yeah ,it got me 4 weeks in ICU
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    Would you?

    you cannot make a fool of your self out hunting except by disrespecting your fellow riders and associates . Everything else is just down to luck.
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    Losing Hope- please offer any advice

    Somewhere the right horse is desperately trying to find you .Dont give up hope on him (or her)
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    Cost of renting yard near London

    So thats about £100 a box Sounds about right wih the yight management. Its a hard job to make a living at
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    Have you ever known a horse that regularly gets rid of riders?

    My first horse. He had to put everyone who rode him on the ground at least once. It was a matter of honour. But he wasnt a violent or nasty horse and he always did it in a manner that the rider could cope with . For example 14 yo kid taking him hunting . He did the slowest lower himself onto...
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    Female jockeys

    So sad . Rest in peace girl.
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    Female jockeys

    Got to disagree with the last paragraph . Muscle ,and bone density is what keeps you from flailing in a fall and yes , the good old tuck and roll . The best thing about a racing fall is that the forward speed makes you skip like a stone on a lake PROVIDING you can keep tucked and rolling ,and...
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    Female jockeys

    Yes , its just speculation on my part,but as someone who has had the sh1t kicked out of them many times in falls , I owe my survival to my apparently rather unattractive shape. In the immortal words of one racecourse doctor ,"I,m sorry i didnt rush over more quickly but I thought you were dead"