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  • Hi,
    I have seen lots of your posts everywhere - and you seem to be a bit of an expert in all things polo/polo x!
    Without being too annoying I hope-I just wondered if I could rack your brains, as I am looking to get a polo pony (or 2).
    I have recently got back from a year grooming/playing in Australia & NZ and am seriously keen to progress my polo career as such.
    Realistically - ponies in their 'prime' age as such (6-10yrs) I am assuming will be out of my price range! Will I have to either get something young and bring it on, or get something older and deal with injuries?! I wondered your advice on both of these - if one is better than the other? Or if you know of any good contacts to get ex race horses/polo ponies?
    Any advice on the whole buying process would be GREATLY appreciated!
    Many thanks,
    Hello there! You OK?
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