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    is 8 months to young to start riding and jumping fox hunter? :)

    I think we realised this!
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    is 8 months to young to start riding and jumping fox hunter? :)

    Wow that is young, but the horse looks mature enough in the pic, I'm sure it will be fine. ;)
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    One last evening, my beautiful boy Torres

    Huge hugs for you and Torres tomorrow. It is almost 2 years now since my boy was pts and I think of him often, question the choice I made, but in my heart it was the right one, and yours is too. You are giving him a gift. The gift of pain free freedom. X
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    So what do you do when your child really is allergic to the dog?

    I'm afraid I'm another who wuld say rehome the dog. Being allergic to something is a PITA (i know because I have lots of allergies) And as your daughter is only 3 she must suffer terribly. Constantly monitoring where the dog is, where your daughter is, washing the dog, washing te bedding...
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    Anyone use an App when hacking to track their ride?

    If you can't find an app to work well or not drain the battery while out, you could plot your route afterwards using an app called Farness. It cost £1.49 and you can plot your route and it will tell you the distance, you can also save routes.
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    Adventures of a teeny weeny orange horse!! <pics>

    Pressing the "like" button. Super little horse I really hope you find a good home for her. You don't look too tall on her really. I've seen worse and it hasn't done WFP any harm!
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    Chicken question

    We have creamed their legs now 4 times at 3 day intervals. Today I used sudocreme because the cream from Mole Valley has run out. Do I need to throw eggs away while they have sudocreme on?
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    dogs and stupid owners out jogging, grrrr

    If the same dog has done this before could you report to the local dog warden or PCSO? Did you get a chance to soeak to the owner? Frustrating if not. Glad you are ok though.
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    Losing a young dog

    So sorry for your loss. It's really hard to lose any animal when the are young. Feels such a waste. I had to have a just 5 yrl old horse PTS and I feel guilt everyday that his life was so short and he hadn't begun to live it yet, but I know that really it was the right thing. Thoughts are with...
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    Said goodbye to my boxer today.

    Echo you on this. He was my first, but my husband's third Boxer. Far too many problems, but hugely entertaining and fab with children. Alongside our Boxer we had a Rottweiler and then a GSD. After losing our Rottie and leaving the GSD on his own we got a working cocker who my husband takes out...
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    Chicken question

    We have a cockerel, 4 chickens and 5 bantams. They all have scaly leg mite. I bought cream from Mole Country store together with mite powder and spray for their house. Now the cream says to apply every 2-3 days, but not for how long! I read that the scales won't fall off until they moult and...
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    Said goodbye to my boxer today.

    So sorry for your loss. I lost my Boxer, Billy, to the same thing in 2006. Still thin of him and miss him every day.
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    Anyone in the Stamford/A47 area?

    Ha ha. Google is my friend!
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    Anyone in the Stamford/A47 area?
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    More foal pics!

    She is just sooo cute. I LOVE the last one of her laying in the Bluebells. What have you called her?