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    I need a dog

    That is really sad, and it is so frustrating knowing that you are an experienced dog owner, and you are being turned down on something so minor. So many of these rescue centres lack a holistic approach and are too concerned about covering their a***s. As much as I would have liked to rescue a...
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    Getting tongue over bit

    One of my daughter's ponies is a nightmare for messing with his bit on the way home from a hack or standing around at lessons/clinics. Once he has got his tongue over once he loses all concentration and manners! The only thing that makes a difference is a grackle noseband, although he is also...
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    Field with oak trees - manageable or not?

    My ponies are on a track and we have a few Oak trees on the boundary. Does anyone know why none of mine graze the grass underneath the Oak trees, at any time of the year? They tend to stand underneath them for shade and often use these areas for toilets, but never graze them?
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    Pictures What would you name this horse?

    Hollywood Hangover
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    Joint supplement for old dog

    His Lordship Buddylove has Riaflex, which has done him wonders. He has also started Aktivait for his senior moments, which also seems to be helping him. He's 15 now and we will keep going with the supplements as long as he is happy. (The lab also has Riaflex more as a preventative measure).
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    Why do we rug horses but not cows ?

    The babies get rugs!!
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    Husband says he wants to get a horse

    Pro Proof positive that they are just like having another kid!!!
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    Serial Fence Buster, help!

    I had a section a that would use his mane as an insulator, it's a bit mean but I cut short lengths of electric fence tape and tied it at intervals through his mane and forelock. I left it in for about 4/5 days, and he didn't escape through the electric fence again!
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    “Seen at livery”

    Horses I've sold in the past have been via sales livery because I don't have the facilities for trials and neither the time or inclination to deal with it. As long as you check out the reputation of the sales livery it should be ok. My last horse I sold, the sales livery did checks on me and the...
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    Self preservation

    I don't think we will ever know 😊
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    Too much to expect?

    It's a no from me.......
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    Waterproof trousers recommendations

    I have these, haven't ridden in them, but assume you could if you got the fitting right? They are 100% waterproof, I wouldn't be without them in winter.
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    Just been told off by a stranger!

    They are working dogs, microchipped, I would rather them have no collar, than get caught up and injured in the field. They are not pootle down the street type of dogs and are not in "public" spaces they stay on private land, thus I think you will find, within the law.
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    Just been told off by a stranger!

    My dogs are rarely on leads, and don't have collars on. I have an assortment of rope leads that I can chuck on them if I need to, and they work fine for a JRT and the lab. I am thinking of getting a mini long haired dax though in the future. I think she will be too dainty for the rope lead!!!
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    Just been told off by a stranger!

    I did say to my sister, err, you do realise she is a sled dog don't you, she is going to get in that harness when she's bigger and delight in dragging you around the neighbourhood!!! Hopefully she will get her on a proper lead and teach her to walk nicely before she gets too big!