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    Best (least worst) tasty feed to get vits and mins in

    Another one for beetroot powder here. It also contributes a few useful extra phytonutrients to the diet (and stains everything a fetching shade of pink 😁)
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    We got CHICKENS 😁😍

    They look adorable! I started with 4 very pretty purebreds a few years ago and now have 20 all-sorts - I think I should really stop there but it's so hard when there are so many lovely breeds to choose from, not to mention coloured egg layers :oops:
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    Tokyo Pentathlon SJ

    It has been pointed out on SM that the pictures supplied by the UIPM to reassure people that poor Saint Boy still has all his legs, etc., were taken in the winter (no leaves on the deciduous trees...). Hmmm... isn't it summer in Japan about now? Plus he doesn't exactly look in his summer coat...
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    Your PMs are full! :)
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    Experiences of sharing

    Thank you everyone :) Great responses! I'm out this afternoon but will PM people later.
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    Experiences of sharing

    Thank you :) Cazolime, I've PMd you.
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    Experiences of sharing

    Hello all :) I'm writing a short article promoting sharing and would love to hear your experiences, both owners and sharers. In particular, has sharing had a positive impact for you in terms of, eg, support from like-minded people, friendship, benefits for the horses and humans involved and so...
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    Head shaking and snatching - Allergic to pollen?

    With mine it seems to be mostly midges bumping into him - so it's seasonal but doesn't seem to be directly related to pollen. Presumably a hypersensitivity thing. He will do it occasionally with winter gnats too. Full face mask best, sometimes with a nose net underneath (I use Le Mieux comfort...
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    What's your top speed?

    Years ago, 41mph, according to the car alongside, on my friend's mostly TB endurance horse, Golden Horseshoe fit at the time.
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    Regrowing hair on bald patch?

    Could be alopecia?
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    Indicators don’t work around horses?? Amused confusion
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    Indicators don’t work around horses?? Amused confusion

    I think I've spend every hack since I got back on board in February ranting about this very thing. Don't they think we might find it useful to know where they're going?! It just confirms to me that they don't see riders as road users. Never had the pointing though - that boggles the mind...
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    how long for bruising to go down? (rider not horse!)

    I've got one of those too :D
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    UAE Endurance Cheating Again..

    Action at last: Post-Haya, maybe the FEI will remember that *it's* the governing body...
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    Fake FEI Event UAE NF is finally suspended...