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    Rugs for small wide ponies

    Thank you for this post! I have been having the same trouble with my 12 hh NF mare. She does feel the cold, especially if it's wet, but a 5 ft Gallop does indeed look like a miniskirt. She isn't remotely overweight, either! I will try to find a 2nd hand Weatherbeeta.
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    7.5t non-tilt cab

    I had a non tilt Bedford TK. The radiator went. Luckily o/h at the time was capable of changing a radiator but OMFG it was right on the very edge of being physically impossible. It took **ages** and was the most unbelievable faff. Trying to work blind at arm's length all the time.
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    How Often do you ride ?

    Once to twice a day, every day. I have three in varying degrees of work. Cody has PSSM type 1 & 2, so that's very light pottering in the school, slightly more pottering for Trev 16 yo ex-racer who had ks surgery that didn't really work, then I have a young NF in work. Either we school, or we...
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    How do you know when you've found the right house?

    When you feel that you can't NOT have it & would be absolutely devastated if you didn't get it! We looked at 30 houses over 9 months, all with land, most with stables, some with an arena & this was the only one where we thought, we NEED this house and put an offer in immediately. I just love...
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    Are there any EVA stable mats that don’t stretch,please?

    I laid ark eva mats, the interlocking ones, in my stables two years ago. Laid onto concrete. All mine are barefoot and live out, so stables are kept open all the time and used as a field shelter and for feeding/tacking up. I was initially v pleased with the mats, but they keep...
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    Keeping 4 Horses Altogether

    I have four - two mares (NF & Shetland) & two geldings (ex-racer & QHxTB). They have a very definite pecking order and now it's been established beyond all doubt who is in charge, everything has settled down very nicely. They are no trouble at all. (Famous last words...)
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    Gastric maintenance supplements post ulcers

    AloeRide? My ex-racer had ulcers, scoped, gastro guard etc. He used to get a gassy colic every 2-3 months but on AloeRide he hasn't had any. Whenever we've run out because I've been disorganised, he has had a gassy within about 10-14 days. It is so easy to feed as it's a tasteless powder...
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    Best diet for Rottie with protein losing enteropathy?

    Thank you - I have ordered some things :-)
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    Best diet for Rottie with protein losing enteropathy?

    Yes, she does have nasty diarrhoea :confused: She does the odd almost normal poo, plus everything in between. In herself, she is v chirpy, up for anything & if you couldn't see how desperately thin she is, you wouldn't think there was anything wrong with her. She goes on a little walk every...
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    Any brave souls ridden (outside) today?

    I went in the arena for half an hour with my pony. It was quite windy & a bit drizzly & she had her scatty head on. I don't mind the rain if it starts after I've got on!
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    Vitamin e

    I tried the Equimins oil (my horse has EPSM/PSSM type 1 & 2) but it's like thick golden syrup. I thought I would work out how to use it without getting everything in my tack room sticky, but it got *everywhere* and was infuriating. I was v pleased when it eventually ran out & have moved to...
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    Best diet for Rottie with protein losing enteropathy?

    Good ideas...thank you! 🙂
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    Best diet for Rottie with protein losing enteropathy?

    Oh yes, that would be low fat, high protein. I will have a look for some. I have always been veggie so have pretty much zero idea re meat. I hope I can find something ready-cooked. I am quite conflicted over the whole thing, but the dog probably doesn't have long, so it won't be forever. :-(
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    Best diet for Rottie with protein losing enteropathy?

    Poor Roxy has been diagnosed with PLE & the vets have advised Royal Canin Gastro. She is supposed to eat as much as possible, particularly high protein/low fat as he body can't use protein properly. She isn't desperately keen on the Royal Canin. Is there anything else I could try? She really...
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    Lead time for new wooden stables

    I recently ordered a block of 4 stables with tack room and hay barn. Deposit paid 4 weeks ago; being installed the week after the bank holiday. Hurray...! 😄