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    What do you use your quads for?

    We use ours quite a bit - tows the poo Hoover, carries trugs of water to the field, harrows (field and arena), sprays and fertilises and carries hay out in winter. We have 9ish acres.
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    Please give your horse the benefit of the doubt - Muffin update

    So very sorry - these horses do break our hearts. I’ve struggled a lot with my hip in the last month - I’ve never thought it was heat related. I hope things are peaceful for him and you tomorrow.
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    Lesson went wrong!

    How does she show tenderness? Mine has been grumpy to tack on occasion in the last month/6 weeks so saddler and physio out. She’s much better since (saddle did need some attention) but she can still give me a look when I bring the girth up and when I brush the right flank.
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    Lesson went wrong!

    Sympathies - I’ve spent the last 24 hours with heat or ice pads on my backside! I commented positively to the instructor how she was more energetic when she arrived (I usually have to spark her up with canter warm ups). Nothing otherwise unusual until we went to pick up canter work at the end...
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    Getting help with your horse

    I have felt like you but it is absolutely not a failure or weakness - you are looking to do your best for your horse and for you. I have owned my mare 3 years - until early this year no one else had ridden her during my ownership. I couldn’t keep up the rehab work she needed on my own so I got...
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    Lesson went wrong!

    The top spec lite for a couple of months (but had been splitting with the topchop zero) but the fast fibre is new - I usually feed thunderbrooks but supply is more difficult at the minute! Neither is a feed that should hit her up but she will survive without for a week or so!
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    Lesson went wrong!

    I’d be surprised if it was her first season this year - she’s been a bit squealie to hack out alone a few weeks ago (though behaved) and been a little touchy to tack on occasion. Might be her second and having done a bit more digging the first few can be difficult as they transition to regulate...
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    Lesson went wrong!

    Green shoots but she’s not on the best fields by any stretch. She’s also out 24/7 (save for the odd hour here and there for riding and grooming). She’s been on better and not been as fiery. Until the last couple of schooling sessions she’s been her very usual placid self - last session she...
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    Lesson went wrong!

    Instructor thought it was her getting over excited and exuberant but to the point of being explosive (not uncomfortable but not her normal self). The lunging confirmed that- she’s a very mannerly horse to lunge but she really let off steam (no bucking but really did use up some energy and took...
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    Lesson went wrong!

    Only when I school so really once a week - fields are too hard at the minute and with barefoot rehabbing we’re sticking to road hacks (we seem to live in the middle of a grid of stoney tracks!). I agree exuberance, feeling well and engaging well all made for a frothy mare. We used to (pre...
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    Introducing Toby

    He does look like a very lovely boy! Hope you have fun with him!
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    Lesson went wrong!

    First lesson in 9 weeks, second lesson this year - she’s been rehabbing due to injury (since spring last year). Mare is ridden 5/6 times a week - schooled once and hacked up to an hour the other days (mix of walk and trot but usually 45 mins to an hour). Saddle checked 10 days ago, physio out...
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    How opinionated about in/out

    Mine will also tell me how they feel about being in. They are currently on a large but sheep grazed field and they love it so always want go out after a few hours in (to groom, feed and ride). The routine now is pretty much like clockwork - in, hay and small feed, i groom and ride red then...
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    Life in the old dog yet!

    More than a few good moves there - he looks great.
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    What are you doing today?

    Leaving my horses out for a day off - Red won’t appreciate any work with this wind, it makes her a complete plonker. I’d planned for it though so not too bothered. I keep meaning to clear out my tack room - this afternoon would be perfect but I’m not sure I can be bothered!!