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    Hay Hutch

    LOve mine - have three! Two for horses and one for the sheep. Brilliant things both winter and summer, easy to move etc.
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    Back on

    Thanks - it feels like a big milestone. She all of a sudden (in last 2/3 weeks) seems calmer and happier so something is going right.
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    Marte needs us again.

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    Back on

    7 months post injury and 4 months post full diagnosis (medial branch injury in left hind) I got back on! I’m 6 weeks later than vet suggested was ok due to saddle needing fitting and a need to sort out what clearly looked like ulcers (v grumpy to be tacked). I’m also transitioning feet to...
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    Hoof rehab help

    Thanks - i’ll Look for pads like this. She’s on prohoof and has been for about 20 weeks. Farrier is very pleased with progress so good to hear it’s possible with a thin soled horse!
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    Hoof rehab help

    Mine is 15 weeks into barefoot transition - walking well in hand for a good 30-40 minutes but remains footy on stones, chippings etc. I put boots on for some walks (cavallos and pads) but mainly barefoot. She has thin flat soles so we are always going to struggle getting her completely...
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    Hoof rehab help

    Ignore me - I’ve finished reading the posts! Thank you. Interesting read re all the boots. Very helpful for my transitioning programme.
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    Hoof rehab help

    When you say pads do you mean boot pads. I’m using boots with pads for mine occasionally when I think the surface might be more testing.
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    Damage to branch of suspensory ligament prognosis for working life

    Btw I was led to believe shockwave and injections had no real scientific support for branch injuries. I wasn’t insured and vet advised not try these given lack of evidence.
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    Damage to branch of suspensory ligament prognosis for working life

    We are 4 months post diagnosis of a medial branch suspensory injury (left hind). Linked psd in left fore. We did 6 weeks box rest with limited walks of 5 minutes (x 2) a day, building up over time. At 6 weeks scan we had improvement so she was allowed to turnout but in a small (roughly 20x20)...
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    Rest in Peace, Ned

    So sorry - beautiful photo.
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    New horse - wwyd

    Sounds like you have a lovely big lad that just needs a bit of confidence and support. If you keep at home - any friends tbat could help out and livery at yours. He gets some company (so important), you get support out riding and company to make things more fun? Its great keeping them at home...
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    Took a tumble at the weekend :(

    Well done for getting back on - it helps. Falls are a fact of life when riding and most often pride is the most significant injury!
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    Grumpy to tack

    So 5 days of back to full dose ranitidine (will continue for a further 3 weeks and start weaning off if all good) and pro GI to soothe tummy (i will change to protexin but bought GI as already ordering pro hoof) - saddled up (with lick to distract) couple of times over weekend and she didnt...
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    Goodbye my perfect Lily life is so cruel

    That’s lovely. We planted a tree for my girl (some of her tail planted with it) - i liked the idea of a growing shrine that i could see when out in the field.