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    WWYD - Lameness and PSD

    My mare has an injury to left hind (medial branch suspensory) and some inflam of left fore suspensory (likely linked). She’s been investigated for everything - no primary conformational cause other than I was told her feet could have contributed - she has typical TB feet (thin soles, underrun...
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    Riding issue #1 (as I’m quite sure more will surface 😂)

    I’ve dealt with this with my mare. The thing that really sorted it was an exercise where I got on and just sat there. Reins dropped (if possible!) and just don’t move after mounting. Once she relaxed I’d get off and put her away. Took a weekish but I think it made mounting very unexciting!
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    Absolutely gutted what a bad owner :(

    We don’t poo pick winter but they have a pretty big field that’s rested all summer. They don’t typically have higher counts in spring. I did realise I’d messed up their winter worming so had to re-worm for encysted redworm later than usual. Do you worm for encysted over winter? I’ve only...
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    Massage or Heat pad

    My mare hated hers though post selling it I’m now considering ulcers! She disliked everything about it!
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    We finally went barefoot

    Thank you - I’ll get some ordered. She’s not a fan of the pro hoof but she does eat it eventually! Thank you re the photos - I’ve read so many Rockley blogs and how you take them. My OH can now spot pre and post pics I’ve looked at so many!
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    We finally went barefoot

    Thank you for sorting my pics! Yes frog was trimmed before - i hadn't expected my farrier to do do this so it was done without me noticing. She has pretty nice healthy frogs, it wont happen again. I've treated for thrush and pick out carefully pre and post walks. Hoof stuff for general...
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    We finally went barefoot

    So Red's shoes came off (finally) on Tuesday! We got good news at our 6 week scan of her medial branch left hind so as planned we started our barefoot transition. She goes out at night (in a very small paddock due to injury), gateways have been pea gravelled and I've sorted her a little path...
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    Ranitidine for ulcers

    I can manage this with the horses at home. I’m up really early and can do a late night feed (she’s out in front of house overnight). OH can do the 3rd feed when he gets home from work. It’s a bit of hassle but I can achieve it. I’ve ordered enough for a 10 day trial.
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    Am I doing the right thing?

    Mine is currently going the same - out at night on a small paddock but this is due to injury. She’s pretty happy and the other two come in during the day with her too (to keep her company but also to keep their weight down - we have so much grass). She has a treat ball (she loves it) with low...
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    Ranitidine for ulcers

    Thanks - I guess the 300mg is to lower the tablet numbers. 150mg are much easier to get hold of online and 75mg you can off the shelf but you have to feed so many! Sucralfate is on the list too - thank you.
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    Ranitidine for ulcers

    Thanks - I’ve got dosage and stuff and with a system I can manage the 3 times a day. As you say though, buying it in sufficient quantities is an eBay international job so you’re sort of in the same place as with abler!
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    Ranitidine for ulcers

    I’m considering whether my horse has ulcers. Recently diagnosed with an injury to medial branch suspensory of left hind - I’d struggled to get her back to work after a field hooley a few months earlier. Pre and immediately post injury she was 100% to tack etc. A month or so into ridden rest...
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    Pictures Quick update on Rose

    She is lovely and sounda a nice sensible mare. Enjoy the spring and summer.
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    Barefoot - more questions

    We got good news from the scan - medial branch looks better so healing. So more of the same with green light to put her out in a small t/o paddock (which was a huge relief). My vet pretty clearvthe 12 week rehzn proposed by referral vet is optimistic - he was v happy that im looking at a 6...
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    Barefoot - more questions

    Worked out my yard is perfect for this - raised concrete length of stables, so all ready for the off. Everything crossed for good news at our 6 week scan tomorrow.