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    Freezemarking in 2021!

    Is it possible to freeze mark with a branding design rather than a generic numbered brand. I have in mind like a European or USA horse stud brand where each horse has the same brand.
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    PTS a feral pony - best way?

    You make think this is a brutal idea but hear me out. Consider hiring a deer culling contractor. If they can drop a red stag from a distance in one easy shot, without the stag even knowing it has been done then it's not a bad way to go as a pony. Let FP have some lush grass, or something tasty...
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    PTS a feral pony - best way?

    You could create a cattle crush type restraint from big straw bales. Line them up on the flat edge to create a narrow feeding area from bales, let FP get used to this feeding station then block the exit. As time goes on you'd can make it narrower to stop pony from turning round, therfore has...
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    Help needed Identifying a Vintage Saddle

    Another vote for a deer saddle. They're still worth a fair bit of money.
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    Shires long riding boots

    I have the moretta boots and they're great. Really pleased with them. Extremely comfy and should last long if taken care of.
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    My horse is killing the yard chickens

    Once you get them into their beds at night you can do a method called 'clipping the wings' which is cutting some wing feathers to stop them being able to fly over fences. There is bound to be you tube videos on it but you'd need the owners consent I imagine. Then fence an acre for your mare...
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    Riding and the Menopause

    Thank you to everyone that has shared their stories. I am not menopausal yet, but I am very grateful for those of you bringing this topic up, and paving the way for us who have yet to discover the joys of menopause.
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    Riding attire

    I live in these gym leggings for day to day riding and general farm wear. The navy ones are a sort of matte material. They're breathable, have a tummy support panel and deep phone pockets on the sides. At £17 they're cheaper than any horse brand leggings...
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    Mechanical Horse Lessons

    Hello 👋 are there any facilities in Scotland, preferably NE side that provide mechanical horse lessons? I suffered a bad fall last year and I'm trying to boost my confidence. I feel a mechanical horse might be the best option as I could fully concentrate on my riding, rather than the horse...
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    Sanity check please, trip to the beach?

    Could you soak the hooves in a foot bath designed for cattle/sheep? Any farmer friends that would let you borrow a foot bath and a few high gates. Walk your horse in and park her between the gates so all four hooves are submerged.
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    Keeping Warm Another vote for the waterproof and thermal Dickies overalls! Perfect for farm and horsey tasks 👌
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    Pet cow 🐄

    If you were wanting to get some cow experience then there may be someone willing to let you do a bit of farm work in exchange for free labour. I'm thinking routine work like calving, feeding bucket reared calves, helping feed and bed cows or administer wormers etc. If you can't have the cow(s)...
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    Pet cow 🐄

    You're welcome. Just keep it simple and enjoy it. If you've any other questions then please ask.