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  • Hi,

    Just thought i'd send a wee message to ask how Rio is doing? My girl is getting on great, a real character.

    Ummm I used the shortcuts when I did mine? But I dont know the shortcuts to all of the smileys still :D only a few :p if you see what I mean :)
    Hi, how are you, hows your boy? Tilly was one a couple of weeks ago, posted some pics so have a look back. Pretty rubbish year so far this year, after Bea dying we had to have my lovely Saffy pts sleep on Sunday i am heartbroken, totally devasted as she as much loved. Would love to see some pics of your big lad, are you keeping him?Maisie, Bea's bog off baby is turning in to a real stunner and will make 14.2 plus i think. Could be some tb in her, nothing like her mother. All the best for now Gillx
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