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    Suggestions for grazing muzzle horse can’t get off

    I plait my mare's into her mane and forelock.
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    Goodbye my perfect Lily life is so cruel

    Oh my goodness what a terrible shock and horrific thing to have to go through. I am so VERY sorry for your loss. I've had a few horses over the years but what I feel for my mare, now, puts all the previous ones in the shade. I will hug her extra tight today xxx
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    Action Shots of Your Dogs

    My hubby's hobby is photography so our poor long-suffering lab is often his subject. This is her catching treats.... And shaking after she'd been in the pond...
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    First horse fly bite of the season...

    Try zapping your leg with the hairdryer. I am hugely allergic to horse fly bites.... they make every summer a misery for me (and I've tried everything, believe me!) ... but a couple of years ago I read about blasting them with hot air and it works surprisingly well. The hot air breaks down...
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    Second hand tack shop Craven Arms Shropshire

    I though it was only open a few hours a week?
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    Lucinda Green - fall?

    Just seen on Lissa's IG page that her mum had some kind of fall on Saturday. Does anyone know what happened? Lucinda is my absolute XC idol ( as well as Mary, of course!)
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    Drying feathers

    Wood flour is quick
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    Mast cell tumour advice please

    Our lab had one removed from her belly 2 years ago. She's not had a reocurrence.
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    Does confidence come back?

    I always think of confidence being like a brick wall. It can be knocked down in one go but needs rebuilding brick by brick. Baby steps.
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    Counting Poo's

    I have a 16hh Clydesdale X and a 12hh year-long filly who live out, rugless, on 3 and a quarter acres. The grass is growing well but their preferred eating areas are short. I have a pen where I have stored hay over winter which has a bit of grass, so I know the grass is growing well... it's...
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    New horse shopping criteria

    I tried to see a Blake McCusker horse. Booked an appointment late on a Friday afternoon for the Saturday morning but he sold it over the phone late Friday night. Apparently that happens a lot with his. I was not impressed.
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    Cystsis: cranberry juice

    Cranberry juice doesn't work as well as a teaspoon of bicarb dissolved in a glass of water. Much cheaper too.
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    Wide Foot/Thin Leg Long Boots?

    I have a slim friend who is looking for a pair of tall, smart leather riding boots with a zip up the back. She has thin calves but wider than average feet. Like me, she's no spring chicken so she's also of an age where comfort is paramount. She tried on a pair of Ariats today but they were...
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    New horse not what i expected ( should i give it all up?)

    Why are you feeding magnesium? If they are not deficient, it is well known for turning them loopy. Have you tried taking her off it for a few days?
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    What do your 14.2hh cob types weigh?

    14.3ish and was weighed in Jan at 532kg. I was thrilled with this because she's 53kg less than last January!! Body scored as 3.25, down from 3.5.