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    Balancer, would you?

    I was pleased with top spec lite, however baileys lo cal sent my ID loopy
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    livery yards allowing owners on during lockdown

    My yard was locked down last time, as restrictions were eased we were given slots. This time it is operating as normal and I am so grateful!
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    England COVID restrictions update

    Also this important line. The ‘when’ means we can visit just have to socially distance. When visiting a livery yard or stables you should avoid unnecessary social contact and gathering with people who you do not live with
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    England COVID restrictions update

    So the updated guidance says the outdoors exercise is permitted and this includes horse riding. You can travel for exercise if you need to make a short journey to do so. You can leave your home to care or exercise an an animal or horse where they are not kept at home. Therefore from that I take...
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    England COVID restrictions update

    Gave my horse an extra kiss tonight. Still don’t know if I will be seeing him tomorrow or in December :(
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    Thoughts on riding being allowed with November lockdown

    The BHS don’t tell us not to ride every winter when hospitals are overflowing and on blackwatch 🤷🏼‍♀️
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    Livery yards being closed, banned from seeing our horses

    My full livery yard are currently waiting to see what the BHS say.
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    Gut supplements

    When my horse colicked my vet asked what supplements he was on. As he was in brewers yeast the vet said that was great and didn’t need the ‘after colic supplement’ they were going to prescribe
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    "Discontinued" second hand stuff...what the hell..?!

    I’ve got a teal cc pad which is apparently really popular and people pay silly money for. Shame I won’t be selling it as it’s my favourite colour on my lad
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    Harry Meade

    I can’t upload the file, however on looking at his Instagram again, it looks like he was wearing sprengers at the event
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    Harry Meade

    Yes, looking at his Instagram pics he is mainly using traditional stirrups and in some pictures Sprenger looking ones.
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    Waterproof jods/breeches?

    I’m off to decathlon at the weekend, I’ve seen their stuff recommended so many times
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    Why do so many people think its fine to have fat horses?

    Same. As a fellow ID owner I feel your pain. Fat lad has been clipped and will be under rugged. I’ve never had him in more than a 200g and that was only during the beast of east.
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    Why do so many people think its fine to have fat horses?

    My ID is a nightmare, given the chance he will eat and eat. He can get fat off air
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    How to not become 'that' riding school rider?

    As an ex riding school learner my biggest bit of advice would be to learn to ride off the outside rein. I have so many issues now due to not being taught this