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    Side loading trailers

    I had one but wouldn't have another. The ramps seem to be problematic, ours had begun to rot when we px'd it. Also if you do have a problem, as we did early on, then the company are awful to try to deal with. It's a real shame because the actual design with a few minor tweaks is a good one in my...
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    Dog attack......who pays the bill

    If your dogs are insured for PL then I would give her the company details and ask her to take it up with them. I suspect they will tell her to do one also and if they do then why should you pay. I don't think you are in any way liable anyway given what you have described, but insurance...
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    My 2 do the same thing. One 9 months and one 5 months but the 5 month old is a big boy by comparison. It's what they do. BTW you can't put a thread up about whippets without a picture of them. It's the law. LOL !!
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    Any truly waterproof jackets …

    Musto all the way. Mine is about 15 years old and much patched but still completely waterproof.
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    How much would you pay for a 19yo horse?

    Seems expensive to me for a horse that age. Last 19 year old we had was £400. We had him 10 years and he was a star. Safe conveyance for hubby and grandchildren alike. Would I have paid £5k for him? No.
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    Winter mode?

    Mine are still out, unrugged. However, I am watching the weather for a downturn in temperature. I hope they can stay out at night until the end of October.
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    3yo tb filly

    Well that is what I would do. Just because the horse was broken at 2 doesn't mean it is anymore mentally mature than one that wasn't. I just believe in taking my time and thus far that approach has worked very well.
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    Such a mucky job moving wet mats.

    I use mole grips to move mats.
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    3yo tb filly

    I would turn her away until next spring to mature and relax. Then I would restart and reback and do about 6 weeks gentle riding away and then turn her away again until the following year and start her ridden career properly from there. I don't believe in them doing things too young. Skeletal...
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    Riding with my Splinted Finger

    I rode with my broken finger. No splints, bandages, nothing. Didn't realise I'd broken it for a month! It looks a bit odd now but never bothered me.
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    Hacking in the dark?

    If you don't have any roadwork then yes do it. I hacked out in the early morning in the dark when I was working. It is very quiet here. I hacked at 5 am and never ever saw a car.
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    Asthmatic horses, inhalers?

    I used a human inhaler thingy for my old boy. I used half of it with the puffer thing in the end and closed his other nostril with my hand and said "breathe in matey" which he did. Vet gave me a prescription and I bought everything from the chemist. It did rather floor the chemist when she came...
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    Equitrek trailers

    Many problems with them sadly and the company are dreadful to deal with ime. We sold ours and bought an Ifor.
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    Rugging an older horse

    I have 2 oldies. They come in at night in the winter anyway, however one (28 yrs) has a coat like a yak and is never rugged. She would be far too hot in one. The other (25yrs) is much finer coated and does have a rug although only a lightweight one. It does depend entirely on the horse in front...
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    Temporary outdoor storage solutions

    Not sure if you are wanting storage before your stables are built or after. If after then just put a lean-to on the back store hay on pallets in it. Reasonably inexpensive. Job done. If before then shipping container would do the trick.