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    Dogs and the heat

    Well of the 7 dog walks I had booked in today only 1 of them went out, to me it's just not worth the risk maybe I'm overly cautious sometimes but hey.
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    A Hard One To Swallow!

    What a brilliant update, well done you 👏
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    Dogs and the heat

    21 degrees here at the moment and I've just seen a guy set off on his lunch time walk with his 2 long coated alaskan malamute, poor thing 😢
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    So sorry to read this update, she was beautiful, sending hugs x
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    Which bedding would your horse choose?

    Mine would choose straw but only as she sees it as another food source lol, she does love a roll in shavings though.
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    Frankie dettori

    So Facebook is full of keyboard warriors saying that frankie needs to retire after some bad rides at ascot this year, and some before ascot too. What do you guys think? Is he past it now? Or are his "bad days at the office" just noticed more because of who he is? He certainly seems to be making...
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    Goodbye Keaton

    Bless! He looked so cute with his half and half face x
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    Farewell my lovely Jonna

    Oh FL your posts have me tearing up for you, can't really offer any advice on how to get through it, I still cry regularly over mine. Sending you virtual hugs xx
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    Sleep well Ffion

    Sorry for your loss x
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    I need healing vibes for Beans please

    That sounds positive x
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    Farewell my lovely Jonna

    So sorry you had to say goodbye, she sounded such a lovely girl and you clearly loved her more than words can say x
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    I need healing vibes for Beans please

    Keeping fingers and toes crossed x
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    Thoughts on Librela?

    Fingers crossed it was just an initial bad reaction and that now it's been in her system a while she has acclimatised and you continue to see good results x
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    Shameless new ex racer post!

    What lovely updates, I love an ex racer and he seems a real sweetheart x
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    Proud owner!

    Yay! Well done you and the doggos!