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    Devils relief for arthritic cob

    Boswellia has helped my 2 old boys tremendously. Physio and vet both have seen a massive difference within 6 moths of using. One horse is totally off Bute now
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    Gerty Tynan Irish Sport Equine

    Many years ago ( probably 6) A friend wanted a safe novice type. She picked out a nice 14.2hh quiet hack what she got was a horse that you couldn’t sit on basically. After sending it back and 3 horses later she did get a nice pony
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    What do you feed your poor doers / your thoroughbreds?

    Graze on grass nuts and chaff Micronised linseed
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    Hacking to arena hire/shows - how far?

    As a kid 50 odd years ago we regularly rode 10 miles to a show on a Sunday do gymkana games and jumping all day then ride home. Ponies had Mondays off then ridden the rest of week. We definitely did a lot more with our ponies and horses and there were a lot less problems / issues with them.
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    Property Search

    I think the equestrian market is pricey all over the UK, for now anyway.
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    Property Search

    Good luck with your search it’s a pretty ruthless dog eat dog out there at the moment. We sold and are in renting, found a nice house and waited and waited for our sellers to find somewhere, they kept us updated and ringing to say don’t worry we still looking then after 10 months have decided to...
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    Reporting obese horses

    WHW were excellent when a walker reported a poorly pony in a field my uncle rented to someone. They contacted him as they couldn’t get hold of the owner and said if the pony wasn’t seen by a vet asap they would send one. My uncle got the vet and horse was pts . Another time they went to a yard...
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    Spotting lameness.

    It’s weird but I can 💯 see if one of my own are straightaway , sometimes have to really look a lot longer at any others
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    Having a horse put down - Injection or Gun ?

    All mine have been Injection. Some planned some not. All sedated before hand and went very peacefully. Definitely as said before get a professional huntsman if you prefer to shoot as I have witnessed a vet making a complete mess when he missed my friends horse twice. Absolutely terrified the...
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    TOCES - Level 6 physiotherapy

    I did a degree in equine fitness many years ago with them. I did it to gain more knowledge for personal use not as a job. Found them helpful and was one of best around at the time. I’m sure there will be others on here that can give you more information and be more helpful. Good luck
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    NHS track and trace scam

    Yes had 2 now I ignore most messages I get now as it’s getting ridiculous with the amount of scams. They can ring me and leave a message or write to me if it’s that’s important.
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    Pink Mash for weight gain?

    I have only used micronised linseed full fat charnwoods. Not sure about the mash
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    Pink Mash for weight gain?

    I really rate soaked grass nuts and micronised linseed as a base for weight gain.
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    Fly rug recommendations

    I have always had amigo or Rambo which I still use but have bought a mark todd ultra ( got stretchy neck) and think it’s fab. Got mine for £58 but they do range uptick £80 odd .
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    Neck strap

    Stirrup leather