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    Hoof Armour

    I've used it ,look up hoof armour UK on Google for the UK supplier. It does work quite well for soft or thin soles.
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    Newly backed pony won’t move forwards

    Please get some experienced help with her before you end up hurt or with a problem horse or both.
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    Tack cleaning - how often??

    There's an awful lot of people at the stables who clean tack as a way to avoid actually having to ride their horse.
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    Tack cleaning - how often??

    If I've got soaking wet or if I'm off to a show.
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    Thoughts on these Hooves

    Have you sole pictures? On the front hooves the heels are starting to collapse as can be seen by the curve in the event lines towards the heel, seen best on the front foot with the black spot.
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    Thanking others when out hacking

    On a weekend when there are a lot of tourists about I feel like the Queen waving at everybody as they pass :D How heavy does the traffic have to be before you can stop waving at everybody that doesn't pass you at 60mph.
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    Feeding advice for Veteran with poor teeth

    He looks a different horse. Here's hoping he continues to improve . He must feel so much better.
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    Stick to the rehab plan you galactic moron..

    They really don't help themselves :(
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    Sore after trim

    What is the farrier taking off the feet? I must admit that after my farrier left my pony sore after a trim several years ago I never let him do them again and have done my own since, without any problems. I would treat her as low level laminitis though especially with the flat soles.
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    Do you rate magnetic products?

    Need to do a blind test against the same wraps without magnets.
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    Do you rate magnetic products?

    Yet another way of separating people from their money for magical thinking
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    Help with stallion

    Now that the stallion has got a sniff of the mare lon your property when you hopefully move her away it will probably take a little while, maybe until winter, before he goes completely back to his old self.
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    Show make up

    I thought this was going to be about make-up for the horse :D
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    Hoof Boots?

    I have Scoots which I like and they aren't clumpy. Which you get will depend partly on the horse's hoof shape.
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    Strange skip in trot - help!

    I hope you get to the bottom of it.