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    Horses in your life without riding commitment conundrum

    I have occasionally donated here, they see some awful cases :(
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    Horses in your life without riding commitment conundrum

    If I had my own place I would do this.
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    Farrier trimming too short.

    You can tell the farrier not to trim so short but I would also be suspicious of an underlying problem with the feet. I would be thinking of doing PPID and EMS tests on him.
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    Feet improvements and a puzzle.

    I've been using hoof armor this summer and am only using boots in front for long rides. 75% happy with it. If he didn't have wonky action on one leg that wears one side down when going faster than walk on roads I'd get away without boots.
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    Feet improvements and a puzzle.

    See if a couple of coats of Hoof Armour helps. It will cut down on the abrasion.
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    Fly bite or something else

    Have you been riding and he's reacted to what you washed your saddle cloth in? Just a thought. I wouldn't put anything on it, it looks like an allergic reaction and you don't want another reaction to what you put on it.
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    Pony share at stables

    Make sure you see someone else ride the pony before you let your son get on and if you think it will be too much for him don't be afraid to say.
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    Pony share at stables

    Make sure you get on with the owner and have a good talk about what both your expectations are before you begin the share.
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    What should I be feeding my cob?

    What is the grazing like when she is out? Does the YO want to reduce the hay because there is more grass?
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    Vettings and pads on feet

    If you are prepared to try and rehab a crippled horse offer them £5 for it. Otherwise run away.
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    Laminitis nightmare 😢

    Definitely get the vet to test asap for Cushing's and EMS. If you find a metabolic cause you can treat it. It may be a good idea if you can find another yard that is set up for laminitis horses where they can be together in a bare area eating soaked hay.
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    Yard dilemma: not again!

    Same here. I had a moped from being 16 to 21. I went everywhere on it, work everyday, stables, even to Scotland once.
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    Yard dilemma: not again!

    Can you sort out some transport, even a bike so you aren't reliant on public transport.
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    Water treadmill experiences?

    I saw one on Facebook recently and although the ponies had lost weight they all looked dipped backed afterwards. Glad it's not just me thought it.
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    Beware old riding hats

    They were quite cute but had chewed up all the padding 🙁