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    Taking shoes off for a brief period?

    My short shoeing break is usually twelve weeks . But G did a eight week one early winter last year it did the feet particularly the frogs a deal of good . Of course you don’t need to stop work so they can maintain a level of fitness . I do have boots for road work on short breaks .
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    Laminitis, differing advice?

    Everything horses eat in the natural way of things contains sugar . Is the the issue with carrots that they can cause a blood sugar spike where what laminic horse is a restricted but steady supply of fibre rich slow to digest food .
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    Lunging my excitable mare

    Because if the horse is silly and say broncs you have that outside line just waiting to cause mayhem no one can control a horse using one two or six lunge lines . A horse has to be trained whats needed and you don’t need two reins for that .Horses who have been allowed I would say trained to be...
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    horse failed vetting but vet told to re-vet in a week..

    There’s always a reason that horses are not sound close to shoeing if the shoeing interval has not been too long . I would be very cautious if I where you . Feet like that probaly need a mri .
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    No I avoid giving them anything with garlic in .
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    horse failed vetting but vet told to re-vet in a week..

    Worse case senario a niggilng soft tissue injury within the foot . An X-ray may not help . Hard one ,how much of a chance are you prepared to take?
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    Lunging my excitable mare

    I would never ever use two lines with an excitable horse that’s bad mannered on the lunge it’s just to dangerous .
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    Potential loan horse having lameness issues

    The loan has not started the horse is lame I am not sure what the question is really A lame novice eventer is use to OP so she needs to move on .
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    Lameness investigations, what to try next?

    That’s awful l am so sorry for you both . At least you know .
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    Fairfax breastplate

    Any one who rides cross country without something to keep the saddle forward in emergency is nuts .
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    Tug of War

    Silly boys , I had two who played with sticks I can only assume they learnt from the labradors
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    Feeding tips for dieting a fat pony!!!!

    I always have my dieting horses ( I have two atm on strict rations ) on a high quality balancer and a small amount of linseed . One of them Fatty has been one a diet most of his life he’s retired now I had him on a good but cheap supplement and changed him in April to a super dooper one I see a...
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    Lameness investigations, what to try next?

    I agree with ihatework many horses respond to time in the right sort of field it’s unfashionable now just to turn away ,insurance has lead to a rush to treat and because we can do more we think we must . I would much prefer to have an answer before I turned away though . Turned away horses need...
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    Is my horse fat it or is it just her build

    I do think your horse is a little fat but it’s really hard to tell from that photo .
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    Vet advice for a push over Back/ KS/ Sacroiliac/ hind legs

    You need to go straight for referral and be clear that there’s only 5k in the pot if the lameness is multicausal diagnostics can run through that very quickly .