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    Terrible names

    I once knew a fellow livery who had two horses. A coloured cob called Cobby and a grey warmblood gelding called Greyboy ... really put some thought into those !!!
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    How far do you travel to your yard?

    According to Google maps its 650 yards from my front door to my horse's stable across a field. Like come other posters here, I can walk there across said field, or take the longer route by road around the edge it I drive .... love him being so close.
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    Full livery, including exercise?

    I think it's a matter of definition. I've never known a full livery yard offer exercise as part of the package, and certainly not for what I pay. At my yard, part livery is care minus mucking out ... part livery clients do their own mucking out, but everything else is included.
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    Full livery, including exercise?

    I was having a friendly debate with a horse owning pal the other day about the relative benefits/disadvantages, costs, time commitments etc of full livery versus DIY - a topic which has been discussed many times on here. My friend (on DIY at a good yard locally) said she would expect any yard...
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    I want to immortalise my horse in art

    This girl is excellent ....
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    Advanced warning for horse owners/riders: A group of 10 Puma military helicopters will be flying the following route tomorrow.....

    Just seen them go past. They were quite high and not too noisy. Quite a sight though.
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    Yard dilemma!

    Absolutely move. I have been on a yard with an indoor, but the quality of care my horse gets at my present yard, with a standard outdoor - much better turnout, being the main thing - more than makes up for the lack of a roof to school under!! And ... it really doesn't rain every day you know!! A...
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    Pictures Mental Health and Horses.

    Absolutely my pony helps me stay sane and mentally adjusted in the toughest of times. But it's not just the horse .... it's the fellowship of the folks on the yard. So sorry to hear you had problems with follow liveries OP, but my lot are brilliant - supportive, friendly, kind and generous...
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    Confused about "the rules" ... can I have my lesson?

    From the range of answers on here I can see why there is confusion!! For the record, we have had a chat and cancelled all lessons for the foreseeable future (.... :( ...) which is a shame, but necessary for now, sadly. YO was Ok with it, but in fairness to everyone concerned, it seemed like the...
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    Confused about "the rules" ... can I have my lesson?

    Sorry for the terminal stupidity, but as title really. I have a lesson booked next week: my horse is at a biggish livery yard (22 horses). Under the current rules, can I have my lesson, which would be at a time I would normally go to the yard and possibly be riding anyway? It is just me and my...
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    Ridiculous injuries

    Once when I was small, my dad gave me an over enthusiastic leg up onto a pony .... chucked me clean over to the other side (not sure if I actually touched the pony as I flew over it) and gave myself a terrible nose bleed as I landed face first on the other side.
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    Lost mojo

    You ride for fun. If it's not fun, then don't do it. If your mum wants to go out competing, then go with her to act as travelling groom and leave your horse at home. Just to remind you ... you're 29, therefore an adult with the capacity to say "no" to things you don't want to do.
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    I hope this is allowed

    Great result all round. Delighted we won't have to look as his face in news broadcasts and listen to his rhetoric and tweets and longer. I too have family in the USA and they are hugely relieved, although incredulous (as are many of us I suspect) that, even in defeat, 71million Americans still...
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    Adults riding ponies

    I'm 5'7" and ride a 14.2 highland who is more than up to my height, long(wish) legs and weight (9st4). No problems at all.
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    Clipping horse early

    Mine was a bit sweaty after a very sedate hack yesterday. Might be time to consider it I think (but it's got a bit warm ...)