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    Lecture demo's...

    I've never been to a lecture demo before but have seen loads advertised and I'd like to go to a good one!! Either dressage or eventing :) Anyyone you would reccommend/wouldn't reccommend (PM if you like!)? What should I be expecting for my money? Prices seem to be a little all over the place...
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    France - competing, Eventing specifically

    Hi, I don't compete eventing or showjumping, but Am1 eventing is Novice/Intermediate in the UK I think. I have a friend who is competing at Am1 and is doing CIC*. But I don't know 100% the rules, The second link is specific to eventing, and page 26 is about the heights...
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    Young horses in France

    Hi, There isn't anything in hand, but for dressage there is "France Dressage" which is for foals, 2yr olds and 3yr olds. They are run loose (or under saddle for the 3yr olds), then judged. I'm not 100% sure how it works for SJ and Eventing but for dressage it's : 4, 5 and 6yr olds can...
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    Most you've achieved in a year

    Not a year, but 10 days...I had only ever ridden through a prelim test and within 10 days my trainer had me running through an Advanced 100 :) Very much due to an amazing horse who knows his stuff, and being told to get on with it - this works with me!! I hadn't really run through any of the...
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    Opinions on Equipe saddles

    I have 2 dressage saddles...wouldn't ride in anything unless the Equipe didn't fit my horse!
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    hello from France

    Hi, another one in France here! Actually you are only about 1h from me! Just to answer your question I'm with Hipcover through Gras Savoye, I was reccommended them by my vet as they have a good reputation!
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    This years 4yo's. What are you doing with them?

    I backed mine last summer, but he's very mature, and he has been hacked out ever since then. With the odd week off here and there! He walks, trots and canters out hacking and also hacks out alone and is happier in front out hacking! He'll go past anything and is more sensible that my 20yr old...
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    Vettings? Worth it or not?

    I didn't get my first horse vetted, I've had him 9 years and never a lame day or any other problems! My 2nd horse was vetted and passed with no problems...I had to have him PTS as a 5yr old due to juvenil arthritis in his pelvis. This would not have been picked up on a normal x-ray and we only...
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    Competition Goals for 2015 & a Blair Horse Trials Question :)

    I don't normally make goals as over the past few years nothing has gone to plan! But here goes : I'd like to qualify my 4yr old for the 4yr old amateur champs in Saumur (France) in 2015...That's if the judges like him!! If he doesn't qualify I'll be concentrating on training, training and more...
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    Young puppy crate training advice

    Just sharing my experience with our new puppy. She was just 8 weeks when we got her and I said form the start that over night she would be sleeping in her cage as I meant to start the way I would go on. (Our old dog slept on my bed as would destroy metal cages to get out of them...) The first...
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    What would you do?

    Thank you for your replies. We went back to vet today and she has said there is alot of improvement. Doesn't think she has been poisoned as she re-did the tests from Monday and they were alot better and no signs of being poisoned at all. The naughty dog escaped from the house today so to me...
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    What would you do?

    I'm in tears writing this so I'll try and make sense! My 11yr old dog went down hill very rapidly, she was still coming out hacking with us up until last Friday. She is now very lathargic, has lost 2.5kg in 10days, can't walk too far and is obviously not very well. We took her to the vets...
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    How can I find out if my pony has competition records in France?

    If you have her full passport name you can find her details on and then print it off. Everytime they compete it will be recorded on that. If you can't find her on there then contact them and get them to right something stating that they have no record of her competing.
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    A wwyd question... Sell?

    Could you not stay put and keep your job where you are now and not have the worries of selling/moving the horses? Do you need to move with the family if it is for such a short period of time? I don't think I would sell just because for 3 months you wouldn't be able to afford competing/training...
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    Horse insurance in France

    I use Gras Savoye Hipcover. I wanted to insure my lad for castration and after trying a few others who had quoted me 300€+ JUST for a 30 day cover for death after his castration I asked my vet and she said to contact them. I contacted them, I had to take out an insurance for a year (it was...