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    Pictures Transformation Tuesday

    How lovely to see her grow. That is a lot of mane to tame and it will get fuller with age good luck with her.
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    Pictures Our first cross country evening

    Looks like you had fun , lovely horse.
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    PhD Survey on Horse Health and Management in the U.K. and Ireland

    No time now will look later it will be easier to find by posting this.
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    Hunter or riding horse

    No help from me but a very handsome horse and fantastic results at the Cornwall Show.
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    Pictures All change here for me and Arlo. Hopefully for the better!

    Lovely looking horse and what a great teacher keeping it small and not frightening him will set him up for life.
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    Sleep Wagging (Restless Tail Syndrome -ha ha)

    I used to love watching my old dog dream which could involve tail wagging, legs running, nose twitching and talking.
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    Cinnabar moths: any point in introducing to control ragwort?

    Was identifying a moth this morning in our veggie garden and it is a cinnabar moth very pretty. We do not have ragwort but maybe our neighours do, I hope that it is now a moth it keeps to what the book says and drinks nectar and not our vegs. Love how a thread on H&H comes up for about...
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    Her Majesty's Cavalry

    Happened to see it by chance very interesting but yes also thought how they are taught to mount is so wrong. The cantering long before being ready also not great for the horses which were putting in a quite a few bucks. Health and safety not an issue with the army I guess! Would love to see them...
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    Pictures Updates: The spotted sports cob and the sockmonster!

    Two beautiful horses, extra love for the one that has been walking through a river of white paint!
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    Canter is too exciting... thoughts?

    Very interesting replies and I guess I would have said more on the lines that W&R above said. My horse is very lazy in canter in the school and to pep her up I do lots of very short canters which makes her excited. So I think what that shows that every horse is different and you have to find...
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    Foal Update.....

    Another one that missed the is she isn't she posts but love your update. That is one very cute foal, love how proud your stepson is holding them. Look forward to seeing Pheobe grow.
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    Let’s find a horse for SLH

    I like the ConxCob one if I was looking.
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    Pictures Over 70% for ponies first ever dressage test!!

    Wow she looks a different horse you have done a beautiful job well done with result.
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    Video Flying high (and really wide!) into the weekend

    Great still picture that is some jump hope you have a great week with him.
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    Anyone got/had an Ardennes cross?

    Bless him sounds like he has had a lot going on in a short time. When he grows in to his backside he will be a big boy but I also was expecting something like SELs boy.