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    Lameness investigations, what to try next?

    Bounce, so sorry to hear your horses diagnosis. Been there, its horrible, but at least you have a diagnosis and can reach a decision about the future, hard as that is.
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    What is it with kids thinking it’s cool to jump high?!

    I've seen this too. Anyone/horse can jump a high fence, its a bit different jumping a track though and that's what they don't realise.
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    Wind Galls

    Usually they are present in warmer weather, if the horse has stood in for a time and the fetlocks become puffy. If the windgall decreases when the horse has been moving, i.e. when it comes in from the field, or has been ridden then there isn't a problem. They are usually present on both legs...
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    Feeding tips for dieting a fat pony!!!!

    Best advice is to double netting any hay nets after soaking the hay for a few hours. Double netting makes the holes smaller so it takes longer to empty the net, extending the time he is eating. If he's out 24/7 you need to reduce the size of his turnout using electric fencing/put him in a...
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    Lameness investigations, what to try next?

    I agree with YCBM. My horses problems stem from a neck problem at C7/T1 which has caused neuro issues.
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    Goodbye my perfect Lily life is so cruel

    I am so sorry, its such an awful shock to find them like that. I too lost a horse with a broken leg, a compound fracture of his tibia. He greeted me with a whinny when I was called by the Y.O who had said to my mum that there was 'a problem' with my horse. If its any consolation however...
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    Riding school in the Isle of Wight

    Thank you very much, that's really kind of you and your Aunt for suggesting.
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    ‘Safety’ stirrup warning

    I don't get how people get dragged with their foot caught in stirrups, I thought if the stirrup bar was down (which they are meant to be when riding) the stirrup leathers would automatically come off the stirrup bar as they are designed to do. This isn't the first time I've heard about this. I...
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    Riding school in the Isle of Wight

    Hi I'm off for a week in the Isle of Wight soon and would like to find a riding school to have a half hour private lesson, just trot/canter and maybe a couple of little jumps. Is there anywhere that you can recommend that has sane horses and decent instructors please? I don't want to go for...
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    Lame steps on corners of one rein?

    Mine had this when she did a suspensory branch, was lame on right rein circle although injury was on n/f.
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    DIP joint injection

    Is it PRP (platelet rich plasma)
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    Can you imagine your life without horses?

    I'd like to take up jogging and also rock climbing as an alternative hobby as I've always fancied doing both. I need to lose about four stone first though! Because I've barely got out of a trot over the last couple of years (old girl has a multitude of issues all manageable and pain free but...
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    Can you imagine your life without horses?

    I think I would feel like I'd lost my right arm. Although I would appreciate the huge amount of money I could have as my own rather than paying the vet, feed supplier, hay man, farrier, etc.
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    Update on missing Air Jacket

    Hooray DHL have just collected the loan jacket from me at work. Fingers crossed for a successful journey and final destination :)
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    Advice on loading & loading issues

    Darn it! There is a bar that fits the length of the trailer with a right angled breast bar and right angled bar across the bottom, when the horse is loaded you swivel the breast bar and the back bar also comes up at the same time. But no matter how many times I google it I can't find it.