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    Insurance and changing owners

    I’m sure some companies cover accidents in the first 14 days? At least they did when I first took insurance out for mine. Not illness or anything ongoing. But for example horse gets kicked and needs vet for the wound, that should be covered. It’s not full insurance by any means, but it’s something
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    Monthly cost of a horse?

    All your spare money 😂 Mine is on full livery (everything except riding/grooming) at £433 a month. “Essential” extras (farrier, insurance, physio, supplements, replacement stuff etc.) probably average out around £200-£250 a month. “Non-essential” extras (lessons/competitions) are honestly...
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    Last weekend in November plans

    Decided not to trailer out for an outside lesson yesterday given the weather, so the instructor at home managed to fit me in instead. We have an indoor, much more pleasant! Was a really productive lesson, and got some lovely work towards the end. Much more to work on but she really likes him...
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    What are your 'must have' rugs?

    Another who uses a liner system now. My preference is rhino/Rambo outers, but have previously used weatherbeeta too. Stable rug wise, a cotton sheet is useful as a light layer or to use under another rug to keep it cleaner. Then a cooler/travel rug for drying a wet horse, as a thicker layer in...
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    Terrible names

    My first pony was passported as Razor Ruddock! named after an Irish footballer I think, but still a pretty terrible name for a pony!
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    Last weekend in November plans

    We’ve got a dressage lesson tomorrow, though looking at the forecast minority regretting cancelling the one at home where we have an indoor in favour for a new venue with my regular instructor 😅 Sunday we are going SJ. Sadly warm up is outdoor, but rounds are jumped indoor so not too bad...
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    Controlling canter without pulling

    You could be describing my boy! We’re a bit further down the journey than you are right now (I’ve had him for coming up to 5 months) but he was exactly as you describe. I always describe it as like I was wearing electric spurs! I’ll not say that he’s perfect now, he does still scoot forward if...
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    2 lessons in one day?

    Yeah, rescheduling isn’t a problem. The instructor id reschedule does a full days teaching at the yard at least once/twice a month so it’s not a big issue. Just kicking myself for not writing the first one on the calendar when I said I’d do it, and promptly misremembering the date 😂
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    2 lessons in one day?

    Thanks for opinions. Will have a think but seems like cancelling one might be best (which I thought might be the case!). Should be able to cancel/rearrange the second one fairly easily. The other I want to go to, because he goes well at home but sometimes struggles in new places so will be good...
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    2 lessons in one day?

    I know, and he’s done 2 weekend camps this year so I’m not sure why I’m overthinking it 😂 He normally gets the day off after competing anyway, so yes he definitely would get the Monday off. And also not something I want to make a habit of, got my dates mixed up and thought one of the things was...
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    2 lessons in one day?

    Would you do it on your horse? I’ve managed to double book myself next weekend and organise 2 dressage lessons on the same day. One is at home, but the other is a 15min drive away. Oh and we are meant to be going 10mins down the road for a SJ comp on Sunday! Horse is very fit, but don’t want...
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    Bone scanning

    I suppose the problem with insurance is that they tend to try and wriggle out of paying unless all the investigation has been done to prove that thing is the issue before treating. Re. Bone scanning, it has its place and is very good for certain things and not others. Like most imaging really...
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    Viewing alone - bad idea?

    I viewed all the horses in my recent search alone. Just made sure to get plenty of video for opinions afterwards. None as far away as 4hrs, but one was 3hrs… I did always make sure someone knew where I was though. And if I thought anything looked dodgy I wouldn’t have got on. I do most things...
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    Weekend plans?

    We had an interesting day, actually better on paper than it felt! Started off well, as we’ve gone back to loading like a dream, not sure what last week was Dressage felt awful, wonky and added a flying change to his R canter. But actually got 60.2% and some lovely comments! (Even with a 4 for...
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    Hackamore fitting

    Better? (It looks it to me!) Excuse his grumpy face, he was raging that I had the audacity to suggest he wouldn’t melt in some light drizzle and we would be hacking out anyway 😂