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    Enlightened Equitation

    Lol did you get the Japanese edition?
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    Aromaheel made by aromeese experiences please

    Easy to make your own - tub of emulsifying ointment, 20 drops lavender oil, 20 drops teatree oil, melt in microwave till just liquid, stir till starting to solidify, keep at room temperature and slap on liberally, every day for 3 days or till scabs rub off, then every 2nd or 3rd day. never...
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    Anyone ordered from Derby House recently?

    I ordered a pair of Kilpurnie boots about 4 months ago, got them last week. Very good price, but bit of a wait.
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    Help to improve my canter

    Try looking over your left shoulder as you ask for right canter, sometimes works.
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    feet some advice needed please

    Ah, that's ok then. Def tidy up the frogs to help get rid of infection, have you tried Red Horse hoof spray, can't think of name but great for infection. A wee bt off the bars just to Level them, and lose the flare, it looks like it's causing some WLD? What's happened to the one that has the...
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    feet some advice needed please

    Have you thought of having a qualified trimmer? I wouldn't be happy with those feet if it was my horse.
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    WWYD - Lame!

    I have an old girl, started going pottery last autumn, various diagnoses were back, stifle, abscess etc none of which fitted, so I sort of resigned my self to retiring her. To make her more comfortable I started giving her a desert spoon of turmeric in her evening feed, about Christmas. Whether...
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    Santa Cruz Jumping Saddle

    Just came across your post as I was googling SC saddles, thinking of selling my daughter's out grown 17". She did PC, SJ etc for several years and loved the saddle as did the pony.
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    Hoof Care Practitioners - important research.

    "American researchers are significantly closer to identifying the genes responsible for Hoof Wall Separation Syndrome (HWSS) in Connemara ponies. Recent findings are an important step toward ultimately developing a genetic test capable of identifying carriers, and potentially eliminating the...
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    Flexee-Opinions anyone on Heather Moffat range?

    I rest my case.
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    Flexee-Opinions anyone on Heather Moffat range?

    Parker79, I wasn't implying that you had a problem with HM, but it's interesting that so many people have come on here condemning the Flexee when evidently they haven't had the opportunity to try it, and that's what you were particularly asking about. I'm possibly lucky in that I've had no...
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    Flexee-Opinions anyone on Heather Moffat range?

    Last I heard the Flexee won't be in general production for a couple more months, but I have heard no bad reports from anyone who has had a protopype. I have 2 on order, so will update when I have had a chance to try them. I'm disappointed with the attitude of some of the posters on this...
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    That pretty much speaks for itself, doesn't it? I haven't watched the wonderful test - I don't believe the end justifies the means, and how anyone can say that the horse is "happier" being ridden like this - happier than what?
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    Watch the t6hrilling end of the Freestyle to Music at Hagen

    What a shame Totilas' test was marred by the way he was ridden in the warmup.
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    Rider not sitting straight

    Try wearing a back support, but instead of wearing it to the back, wear it to the side you're tilting towards.