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    Should I put on a medium rug

    My fully clipped out horse is in a 100g with a lightweight over the top mainly because 100g leaks . It's been wind & rain all day south east but it is still warm . As others have said lots of variables for everyone s situation. If you think it's required then put it on you can always take off...
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    Can any one help? or has this happened to you?

    I cannot help you OP other than say it sounds an awful situation to be in. I hope you can get it resolved.
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    Tragic horse deaths from contaminated food

    Absolutely tragic for everyone concerned. I carnt imagine being on the yard and losing that amount of horses. Someone I know lost a horse to botulism so I always stick to well made hay
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    Paid for field gate - can I take it when I leave

    Full story of why you needed a new gate installed but then are leaving 4 weeks later is required to make any judgement really
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    Cut mouth - at wit's end.

    I have heard that once you get this problem even when the skin heals it is left slightly more fragile so it's a vicious circle of healing then the cut opening again and so on. A livery of mine had the same problem but I cannot think if they ever sorted it .
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    Full clip and living out over winter

    My horses all live out with hunter clips they don't have field shelters but plenty of forage and good selection of rugs
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    Horses and cows...

    I think cattle can.pass ringworm to horses I remember years ago this happening on a farm/yard I was on x
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    What are your underrated 'must haves'?

    Baling twine useful for fixing everything
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    Rain sheets...yay or neigh..???

    I use rain sheets i find them useful for lots of varying weather conditions . I do have fails with them so usually buy a couple of new ones each year. A pony i have here has a pessoa that's lasted about 4 years still going strong.
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    Winter turnout areas/tracks

    We made a track from beach sand from the existing arena when we moved here 18 years ago. Dug out track put down hardcore ,membrane on top then put sand down . It has worked very well grass has grown over it on the edge but it's never muddy I turn horses on it when fields are too wet .
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    Large crack in good, lame horse

    I'm also very surprised the farrier is not concerned a friends horse had a terrible crack and had to have stabilisation screws and lacing on the hoof just to hold it together .
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    Another dog walker killed by cattle 🙁

    If I'm on my own walking dogs I will not go into a field with cows . If I'm with OH I go under protest he is very confident with them pretends he's the farmer although many years ago he had a very narrow escape with a Shetland cow and her calf .
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    Field with oak trees - manageable or not?

    I have oaks on the boundary of my summer fields 2 of mine will eat them so I just electric fence them off .
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    Are equestrian events allowed under the new rules?

    Yes they are they come under sports
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    Feeling down

    I think 6 weeks with a new horse is a very short time frame young cob needs time to settle ,probably everyone who buys a horse has things they need to get to grips with. I think it takes at least 6 months to get to know a horse . You are understandably a bit nervous but you managed to pull him...