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    How often do you pick out your retired/ non ridden horses feet?

    Mine does get done daily but I my because his feet can get thrushy if left. I didn't even consider it when my old boy was away on retirement livery, he was out in a field so unlike to get anything in it, and I wouldn't expect them to look at his feet unless he was looking off/lame.
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    Why does my poo disintegrate?

    Thanks MM, I'll look at Protexin. Meleeka, I think he is, he has his haycube stuffed full, and he usually has a little left over. He doesn't kick it round as it's in the cube. Holeymoley, yes yes out on grass during the day (in the winter) and in at night.
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    Why does my poo disintegrate?

    Interesting. His poos are usually fairly soft so maybe a pre/probiotic is needed. Any recommendations?
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    Why does my poo disintegrate?

    Is there anything I can do to stop it? Even before he was on linseed, he didn't really have solid lumps, so I don't think it's just the linseed but it's definitely got worse since being on it.
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    Retirement livery or keep at yard or field

    Sorry OP but I agree with this. There are worse things that can happen to a horse than to go quietly and peacefully with their head in a bucket of feed.
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    Why does my poo disintegrate?

    In the stable? Overnight?
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    Why does my poo disintegrate?

    Ok not MY poo 😱🤣 But my horse's poo disintegrates, which makes it hard to pick up and my bed always looks horrible, brown and dirty. I feed him on chaff and micronized linseed. Yesterday I mucked out my friends horse and it was so easy, her poo remains in nice lumps which makes it quick to muck...
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    Me too, so sad .
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    Reputable Westie breeders South East

    Hello lovely AADers, it's been a while. Beginning to feel it's time for us to start researching getting another Westie, it's what Mr JB wants really, although Juno loves being an only child. I thought I might out some feelers out there so if anyone knows of any good Westie breeders in the south...
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    Percy (puppy pics!)

    He's so cute!
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    Pictures: Introducing Hobson!

    Welcome Hobson! He looks quite big.
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    Lost a dog today…so very sad 😢

    Catembi, I'm so sorry, how heartbreaking for you.
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    Overweight cob , best way to

    Brighteyes did give you great advice and you're being over sensitive if you think she was "ticking you off". You've said your horse does 35 miles a month, that's only just over a mile a day, you really need to up the work if you want to keep on top of his weight. Bring him in during the day...
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    Odd situation, stop cock being turned off

    Water has stayed on overnight so maybe it was just kids playing silly buggers.
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    WWYD, nappy horse out hacking

    Thanks, he's really fab. I hate it when people get loads of advice and support and don't update later, especially when they've found a solution 🙂