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    Cutting down on numbers is SO HARD

    Not crazy at all. We are up to 6, possibly 7 by next year, and don't have our own land.
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    Insurance: yes or no?

    We don’t insure (6 horses) and use a local GP vet practice, a practice with a clinic and specialist vets or RVC Equine depending on the issue. Not being insured is less hassle and means we don’t have to take the restrictions imposed by an insurance company into account. We do however try to...
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    Youngstock livery: what is expected of the horse, and provided by the yard?

    Our yearling is in at youngstock livery a herd with other yearlings ( mostly competition bred). Minimal handling done or expected. Other than for feet.
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    Can we cope with ban on spurs/whips etc.?

    It is tricky. And yes, horses lives outside the small amount of time we interact with them are incredibly important. My horses are split between multiple yards, based on what works best for them. Having them on a single yard would be easier but I don’t think it would suit them as well. I...
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    Can we cope with ban on spurs/whips etc.?

    I do think things are changing. I’ve never really liked to ride with a whip or spurs and hate flashes, harsh bits etc. In the past I have felt out of step. These days less do. I am enjoying doing exactly what I want with my horses. Which is often a gentle hack round the lanes or a walk in hand...
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    The Horse Bit Bank sells them in the UK
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    Winderen Bits

    We got ours from a UK supplier (the horse bit bank). We have the super flexi and flexi mouthpieces. Chompy 5yo has done no damage so far and really likes the bits.
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    So which is anatomically the kindest bit?

    Depends so much on the horse. Our 5yos both have a clear preference for non metal bits and are in anatomical bridles with no flash or throatlatch. One likes a flexible Winderen and one a thicker, squishy Cu Chulainn. My old girl preferred a single jointed cherry roller and her daughter a curved...
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    Buying dilema

    You can get the temperament you want without compromising on type. When I was looking for my current horse, I only looked at horses of the type I know I like. I have a definite type, which is 16:2 plus athletic ISH or WB mares. I compromised on pretty much everything else but not on that.
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    How much realistically for a nice 3.5 tonne

    We paid low 30s for a no frills John Oates stallion build on a low mileage 2017 chasis.
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    Mid-life crisis!

    I would echo the above. You can do a project management type job in much cheaper parts of the country.
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    How old was your horse when you retired and why?

    Mine have retired at various ages. The first was 23. She was a bit creaky and then had the first of many field injuries being a prat. We lost her at 33. She grew old disgracefully. Children's ponies were mid to late teens. Stopped work due to lack of suitably sized riders and morphed into field...
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    Drama on the roads.

    We are trying reflective tabards with signs that suggest drivers pass at 10 mph and give 2m space (ie follow the updated Highway Code) We don’t generally get that but most drivers do slow down significantly. Helps that one or other of us is usually on foot leading a horse in hand. Makes us wider...
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    Just a happy hacker??

    Interesting topic. I think it depends on the combination of horse and rider. I’ve spent years training on a mixture of my own horses and horses owned by trainers I’ve ridden with but these days I rarely ride in the school (I am too creaky to school effectively) or take much of a contact unless...