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    why have a horse if you have it on full livery?

    I keep mine on full because I work full time, have unpredictable hours and they are split across multiple yards in different locations, depending on their needs. The yards they are on all have a good standard of care and knowing my horses are not dependent on me for daily care takes the pressure...
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    Husband uttered words I never thought he would!

    Mine isn't entirely sure how many we have. I like to keep it that way.
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    Amber is in foal!!

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    Best horsey area to live in England?

    Do you have the sort of job where you are paid the same wherever in the country you live? If so, there's a lot to be said for choosing somewhere with lower rents / livery costs
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    Hip pain when riding - solutions?

    BB - I am in a similar position to you but had one hip resurfaced a few years ago which worked brilliantly. Specialist won't resurface the other one because 'statistically outcomes are poor for females' and expects me to wait until the other one fails and go for a full replacement. I have found...
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    Horse shopping - what am I doing wrong?

    Thankyou - it’s not come through yet but that could be a glitch my end!!
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    Horse shopping - what am I doing wrong?

    Millikins - That sounds like what I am looking for - could you send me contact details?
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    Horse shopping - what am I doing wrong?

    Thanks teapot - not sure I know where to start with TBs. I do like them but slightly worried re long term damage from being started young.
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    Horse shopping - what am I doing wrong?

    Thanks - not averse to Anglo-Arabs but they are not that common. I’m not looking for super fashionable but know I like the way of going of SJ bred WBs. Also wondering about pure TBs.
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    Horse shopping - what am I doing wrong?

    Suggestions needed as I am coming to conclusion that I may be looking at the wrong type of horse or the wrong age group. I am looking for a new mare to join our herd. She will be a long term horse for me (I like hacking and flatwork) and will probably also jump with my daughters (with...
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    Safe cob or flashy purebred?!

    I'm older than you and horse shopping for the first time in a very long time. I've decided not to change the type of horse I ride at this point in my life so I'm looking at tall, rangy mares, ,with a nice attitude. I didn't enjoy riding cobs in my 40s, so I don't think I will suddenly prefer...
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    why is buying horses so stressfull

    I'm looking for a ridden horse for me for the first time ever. So far mine have been bought unbacked, home bred, or inherited from my children. Its super stressful. And now with the extra hurdle of pre-purchase X-rays, once a horse has passed s 5 stage vetting, it feels as if there's a lot can...
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    Hay replacer for gummy bear

    Mine can't eat hay at all as it puts her at risk of impaction colic. She has chaff,(readigrass or timothy chop), haycare and veteran vitality. She goes through 4-6 sacks of chaff, 2 of haycare and 1-2 of veteran vitality every 4 weeks in winter.
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    Anyone have experience with volunteering/lessons at Lee Valley or Mudchute? (aka moving to London, should I sell my car...)

    There is a riding club organised by people who ride / used to ride at Lee Valley. A lot of members are east London based. They arrange quite a wide range of riding activities (some with v nice horses)
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    Keratitis in Horses

    One of ours has a microsporen implant - lasts 18m to 2y then needs replacing. It was straightforward to put in and has worked really well. With the implant you would not know she has a problem with that eye to look at her. The only downside is that the implant supresses the immune system in the...