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    3.5t Horseboxes - builders, designs, materials.

    I did a lot of research when I bought my latest one. I have owned a Chaigley before, but this time I went for an Equihunter. I had collapsible breast bars put in it. It has a separate grooms area, which means the hay dosent go everywhere and it is robust and lightweight and very well made. It...
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    Bury Farm

    Thank you for your reply, Carefreegirl, much appreciated
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    Bury Farm

    I hope to watch friends show jumping tomorrow at Bury Farm. Does anyone know please if you can take dogs on a lead or do they have to stay in the car. Website dosent say. Many thanks
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    Bury Farm

    I would like to go and watch friends show jumping tomorrow at Bury Farm. Does anyone know please if you can take a dog on a lead or do they have to stay in car. Website dosent say. Many thanks x
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    Equi-Hunter / Bloomfields Horseboxes - Experiences

    I have a 3.5t Equihunter and I absolutely love it. It gets noticed wherever I go, it's sturdy and horse travels so well in it. It looks like a mini big lorry, if that makes sense. I have had a Chaigley before and I have a friend who has a Bloomfields, but I think the Equihunter looks so much...
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    3.5 ton lorries

    I looked at their horse boxes and thought they looked very sturdy but wasn't sure about the payload. I eventually bought an Equihunter which is made up North but they have a southern agent based at Felbridge Showground near East Grinstead. They seem very well built, and the after sales service...
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    Stressy mare

    My mare is exactly the same. She has worn a trench in the field where she paces up and down. She has horses in next field but is too bossy to put out with anyone as we don't want any injuries. Luckily my mare only seems to do it in the winter, so I only turn her out for about an hour a day...
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    WWYD if you were me? Sorry long!

    Hi The Fuzzy Furry. I am also Sarf in the UK! Not in any hurry to get rid of her as can still manage to get on (Just!) and only because I have taught her to stand while I faff on a high mounting block so may be able to sort something out in the New Year as willing to keep til Easter if right...
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    WWYD if you were me? Sorry long!

    Yes.she is lovely and so much fun for the right person. So if someone suitable comes along then they will get a free horse and all her wardrobe. Wish I was younger and as brave as I was once, and then I could do some sj and xc along with the dressage (which is about all I am capable or confident...
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    WWYD if you were me? Sorry long!

    Thank you Buddy'sMum. I do realise that she may come back, and if she did, then I would probably turn her out on grass livery somewhere and keep her as a pet. Only problem is, if she is returned at this time of year, and fully clipped and in work, it would be too much of a shock to the system...
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    WWYD if you were me? Sorry long!

    Thank you for the replies. Moving isnt an option as where I live there are very few DIY yards and both she and I are very happy at my friends. Obviously she would move if I full loan. I enjoy the schooling most but horse needs to hack and compete more. Really dont want to sell unless I loaned...
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    WWYD if you were me? Sorry long!

    I have a 15.1 lightweight coloured mare who is 7. She is quite well schooled and does a really nice dressage test and is a very honest jumper. Will hack, although I havent done much as where she is kept it is very busy roads only. Problem is I am nearly 60 and this mare needs to go out and do...
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    Winter turnout - How much/how long does your horse get?

    Mine is out 24/7 in the summer but as soon as the weather gets cooler, she wont stay out. She walks the fence line constantly even though she has company next door and a hay hutch full of hay and haylage. She managed from 7.30am til 10am this morning but just wants to be in her stable, even...
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    Ideas for Feeding Hay in the Field?

    I also love my hay hutch. I bought the bigger one which is really roomy They are expensive but its so nice to put hay out and know it isnt going to blow away or get wet. I only have once horse, turned out in a field next to others so it means I only have to fill it once a week. Others at the...
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    Surrey Livery

    Heathfield Equestrian near Chobham is lovely. Horses are very well looked after, they have school, good turnout, hacking etc and the owner and staff are very friendly. They have a website.