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    What is this headgear, please?

    But the liquid titanium thing is just the registered trademark. At no point in their info do they state it contains liquid titanium, as even with my basic science knowledge I know that's not possible. It is however a smart material that works as a FIR material. There are plenty of other...
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    What is this headgear, please?

    There are places that will hire them out. A bit hire bank near me hires them, so may be worth having a little look online to see if there is similar near you
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    An early "Next weekend" thread - a hot one!

    She would be more then happy to oblige - Bear might find her a bit slow 🤣
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    An early "Next weekend" thread - a hot one!

    A very productive one here. Xc lesson with coblet yesterday. I have bitten the bullet, and entered for my very first ever ODE in mid July. I've never been one for riding over fixed fences but coblet enjoys it and has given me the confidence to 'give it a go'. So off to new venue for us to...
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    Eventing on Hard Ground

    Think it depends where you are. We've had some rain recently but the ground around the local hacking routes is back to being like concrete and cracking on top. We are due a week of warmth, with some high temps. I'm back to just walking out on hacks after being able to canter mid week. It's not...
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    Pollen allergy?

    Very similar to my boy. When I bought I was told he was reactive to flies, after he moved to me it very quickly escalated and became apparent it was a pollen allergy. He is worst spring and autumn, and it appears to be more tree pollen that sets him off. When I first tried him in a fly veil and...
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    Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend Plans

    Not a huge amount happening here, have had the whole week off, and after camp made the conscious decision to actually have a break as I have been really close to burning out. So mainly just hacking - lovely 3hr one on Thursday, with some nice canters, and timed it perfectly to reach the top of...
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    BD Associated Champs

    I did the TB one a few years ago. It was a 4hr drive for me to get to VV. Nice set up, and very friendly. They had warm ups in the outdoor schools, with the tests indoors. Good cafe. I stayed overnight in the back of my horsebox, my guy was in their permanent stabling, but I know the do use...
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    Is Everyone Staying at Home

    Three days of riding club camp - have only just recovered! A great, laid back, social weekend. They really are a friendly bunch, and I love the fact you get to see the same faces (and some newbies) and properly catch up and help each other progress. I took coblet, as there is quite a lot of...
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    Posh girth recommendation

    Just had a lecture with a master saddler, and saddle fitter. She recommended the scharf, and uses it on her own horse. She questioned how such a thin strap could be strong enough, and was told it's made of Kevlar and more then up to the job. Out of my price range but does look interesting, and...
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    Is Everyone Staying at Home

    I am off to camp! Really looking forward to it, think belle will find it a bit of shock to the system, but entry of variety and with a lovely bunch of people.
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    LeMieux Nose net

    The le mieux ones are in a pack of two. I think the equilibrium ones are a pack of three? Not sure as never bought them. I borrowed my friends equilibrium, and found it too light/soft. It just flapped around as he moved his head. The le mieux are pretty tough, and are shaped and keep their...
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    LeMieux Nose net

    They are fairly roomy. My 16hh tb (cob bridle) is in the medium
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    Weekend plans 1st full weekend in May

    A much needed quiet one here. Lesson on Shambles yesterday, practicing our walk pirris, and playing about with the changes to come up with a plan of action for RC evening dressage on Tuesday. Then spent the rest of the day at a friend's watching badminton xc, and drinking Pimm's. Quiet hack...
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    Bank Holiday Weekend Thread

    Going to sneak this in before the next weekend thread starts up - it's been so busy it's the first chance I've really had to sit down and write about it. Saturday saw Belle heading out for some xc schooling at Tweseldown (probably the only place around here where the ground isn't rock hard)...