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    I honestly don't know but will look into it.
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    I'm in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.
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    I'm afraid so. Any idea where to buy them cheaper without p**sing off the vet?
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    Euro 3.40 Ireland per tablet 😱 Only his 2nd month on it and thankfully a mini so only half tablet per day.
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    Adopting stable cats

    I did similar last year. One charity was reluctant until I agreed to keep her indoors for a few weeks. I also was looking for feral cats which might be a better bet. Word of warning though my stable cat sleeps outside because she wants to and is indoors most of the day. The "feral" yard cat now...
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    What’s the cheekiest thing your horse does?

    I am fostering 2 young small mares. While the farrier was busy trimming one of them the other spotted the tag on his boxer shorts, grabbed it with her teeth and gave him a wedgie😱 Morto.
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    Feeding underweight horse.

    I've used Bluegrass Turmash with success in the past.
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    Chestnut Roan / Red Roan / Strawberry Roan.

    I think it's the same just different people call it different things. I have the loveliest ISH strawberry roan. Handsome and sweet.
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    DNA testing for dogs (to discover what breeds make up a mongrel)

    I got a DNA test on 2 terrier sibling pups we got from a rescue. Came back 80-90% parson Jack Russell and 10-20% chihuahua. I'm happy it is accurate. We didn't supply a photo so no guess work.They are the shape and hair type of parson but 1 is black and the other black and tan so looks like the...
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    Did i pts too soon?

    No. You did the right thing. It was selfless not selfish. It sounds like things were starting to go wrong for him. He was a lucky boy staying healthy and happy to that age and to be loved and cared for. Take care of yourself. It is a tough time but it will get better.
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    Looking for shares / loans on FB. No response, think I might know why?

    I think it would be unlikely that you would find a horse for fun hacking that doesn't need the sharer to school it for zero contribution. I would find the okay to contribute comment very off putting. An owner might be happy for someone to ride for free but only if it was a perfect person which...
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    Bladder stones and acidifying urine

    I bought TRM Vitamin C 10%. Its an Irish brand but might be available in the UK.
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    Bladder stones and acidifying urine

    My gelding had them the 1st Spring that I had him. I did give him Vitamin C and it seemed to work but not in doses anything like 1KG. A couple of scoops a day I think.
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    Eazigrazer, haycube or something else?

    I have a Haylo and I love it. I don't secure it to the wall and my horse likes to knock it over and straighten it up again so it amuses him as well as feeds him. It has a bung so can be used for soaking too