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    Pony selling - advice please

    Agree with the others about adding his age and having good quality pictures to catch the eye on a quick flick past.
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    Horse transport

    We have used Mane Line transport a few times recently and been very impressed. I think they cover anywhere in the country and they have a FB page.
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    What bit do you use for starting youngsters?

    A fulmer with a lozenge as many don't like the nutcracker action of a conventionally jointed bit in my experience, then a NS team up which has a lozenge and is loose ring.
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    Looking for a trainer in West Lothian

    Sorry OP been unable to log in on my phone. I only know Karon as my son had a flatwork lesson with her at BS camp and came out having loved it. And that is quite some achievement! I don't have the number for either but I think they should show up with some googling?
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    Looking for a trainer in West Lothian

    Pauline McKee or Karon Carson?
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    How much does a windsucker devalue a young horse?

    In my experience it hugely affects their value and only once for that reason did I buy one. That was a proven JA pony for my son and so the category of experienced competitor referred to by most others on this thread. I had no trouble selling her either. For amateur's horses or any you might...
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    Showing peeps ...Pigeon toed

    It's a heartbreaking thing if you show seriously as you can't do anything to change it. We had one called in first in a hoys qualifying class and moved down because of it which was entirely fair but hard to experience.
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    Mr T's first show back :)

    Good to see him out again and good luck at SNEC!
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    What's more important - convenience (to home) or facilities ?

    I'd opt for facilities so that my horse and I enjoyed life together.
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    Bitting strong yet sensitive pony?

    We had a very similar issue with A's 14.2 jumping pony in that she was very strong but had a sensitive mouth. Equiport made me a nathe mouthpiece American gag with sides short enough to be pony club legal as well which worked well as did an eggbut slot sided myler with a curved mouthpiece and...
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    PC senior camp test

    Our branch have no test and all members are welcome.
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    Possible broken/fractured splint bone

    Positive again - horse kicked in the field about 10 years ago and all was fine after a period of rest.
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    Arena Surface - Do Rubber & Carpet Mix?

    Thank you loobylu. That is interesting to hear. Definitely worth investigating.