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    Overgrown feet with hoof lines - what are they?

    If you’re considering purchasing, I’d get a vetting but I’d say that about a prospective purchase in any case. I wouldn’t be overly concerned- They are growth rings which look fairly uniform all the way round- I’m told it’s when they widen at the back you need to be worried (due to the laminar...
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    Yard Dilemma

    Do have a look round for a sole-use yard though. Sadly I think there will be a few equestrian businesses closing in the current climate so something might come up?
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    Yard Dilemma

    Cross posted with you hashrouge!
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    Yard Dilemma

    It sounds like your YO has waaaaay too much time on their hands! 🤦‍♀️ it sounds like an active attempt to supplement her income through the ‘non-optional’ Extras. Is the livery particularly inexpensive? Might it be worth paying a small amount more Each month for her to effectively leave you all...
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    At wits end - KS / Feet issue

    I feel your pain with the cost of the remedial shoeing! I have moved away from the remedial farrier to my usual farrier who shoes using normal shoes set back as advised by the remedial farrier (it that makes sense?!) that might be a more economical option. unfortunately I’ve had numerous horses...
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    Neighbour’s stables

    Haven’t read all of the replies but might it be worth reporting your existing/ ongoing ‘antisocial’ behaviour concerns so there is then a history to potentially challenge a planning application with?
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    At wits end - KS / Feet issue

    2 things that occur to me: - one set of remedial shoes might not address this- It might come better with time and progressive shoeings. -scope for ulcers! my horse had SI pain which has been medicated and is being remedially shod on all 4- he had massive rotation and a horrendous case of...
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    Cheapest footwear for ponies?

    Have you tried the Facebook groups- I’d go with anything that vaguely fit and was in a potentially ‘dustbin bound’ condition for Just to and from the field. Might be worth a wanted ad? I have seen people give them away for postage costs when they’re on their last legs.
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    Looking to buy mother/daughter share - advice wanted

    I wonder if a share or loan might be a good call in your situation OP? If you’re coming back into horses, what you want/ need now might be different to in six months time?
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    We used to collect rainwater in IBCs- often the sides would look green but the water inside would be fine. We cleaned ours (infrequently!) with a long handled Car wash brush- the lids are fairly big and you can manoeuvre the brush ok. ETA: a sieve between the guttering and container is a good...
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    Wanted advert, honest opinions...

    Personally, I’d not invite quirks so willingly-you’ll likely get them anyway, but You might be appealing to the upper end of ‘quirky’. Same with ‘the odd buck’- Could be interpreted as you’ll take a nutter?
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    Vetting conundrum - WWYD?

    Niggles I can live with in my bargain basement £1k or less £7k I’d want it to be gold plated (or at very least sound) there are better horses for £7k I think OP.
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    Buying a horse with a historic pastern injury

    I considered an OTTB with a fractured pastern history recently. Unfortunately in this case, it wasn't sound on a circle a couple of years on, so couldn't even consider it for hacking really. In a young horse, I was wary also of what knock on effect it could cause in the horse compensating for...
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    Buying unseen from abroad WWYD?

    I'd be questioning why it hasn't been snapped up by someone in holland. I know of someone here in the uK who does rehab with top competition horses and those that don't return to top level competition are In high demand for big money from para riders and ambitious amateurs. The fact this hasn't...
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    Grazing/ DIY livery wanted Dunton Bassett, South Leics

    WANTED: Grazing preferably or would consider DIY livery for 2 geldings (15hh and 12hh pony) in/ around Dunton Bassett due to re-location. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to search please? Vet, dentist and farrier recommendations also welcomed :-)