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    Help finding photos of ex racehorse!

    Can the trainer ask the previous owner/owners on your behalf? Most owners (and trainers!) would have some pics of their investment. ETA- and they might even be interested in what their horse is up to now so might be happy to oblige?
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    Help finding photos of ex racehorse!

    Find who your horse was trained by from Racing Post and try to contact them directly?
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    Aggressive neighbour - any advice?

    If the severity/ frequency of incidents is significant enough and can be seen to be increasing, she may be sectioned under the mental health act if she’s considered harmful to herself or others (which it sounds like she may be getting towards). As others have said report absolutely everything to...
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    I’ve never heard of these, so they’re a new one on me but will remember this for future reference! Thanks :-)
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    Horses that don't mind being left alone....?

    We have three and actively do separate and together things with them in all different combinations- they’d each call if left but are settled and back to munching after a couple of mins. OH’s walks round the box a couple of times but that’s it. Before we had him, he used to be really attached to...
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    Swan neck stable fronts

    They look beautiful but I have a couple of proven door jumpers/ climbers so not practical for us!
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    Loaning "deposit"....

    I know it’s a different circumstance, but as a landlord I have to send deposits to a protection company, I’m not allowed to hold them myself so just wondering whether you can for other purposes, I.e. a horse loan?
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    if your insurance paid for ulcer treatment...

    There are clinical reasons for tapering off- your insurance should cover that (provided you’re within claim limit) as it will be prescribed and supported by your vet. Mine has been covered with several horses.
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    I need some advice..

    Does the horse respond to the leg when you’re bareback? Just wondering if saddle fit is feeling more confined and blocking forwards movement? I know you’ve had it fitted, so don’t mean a poor fit, just a different feeling? This happened with Very green horse I had recently. Definitely agree with...
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    If someone you knew

    I had someone ask what length stirrup leathers they’d sold me (I’d bought their other horse with some tack) as she wanted to use them to ride the (12hh!) pony again....I politely replied with the length and then ...but you’ll probably get away with shorter depending on how big the child is. That...
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    Who's in a muzzle already?

    Not quite in a muzzle with the pony yet, but not far off. They’re off looking for spring shoots before tucking into the hay in the last couple of weeks (still in winter field, so otherwise not much on it). Definitely when I move to a rested paddock he’ll be muzzled.
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    Ride and lead.....

    I expect all combinations of mine to just get on with it, same as I would expect them to hack side by side on the road in any combination ir needed.
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    Ride and lead.....

    I ride mine and lead my sons pony. My tips would be; -I can do gates, get a long lead rope so you can allow led horse to drop behind. Same if you need to be single file for any reason. - for mounting/ dismounting, teach horses to stand in a T shape using leg yielding off the ridden one to give...
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    Would you buy a horse that has had Kissing spines surgery?

    KS often goes hand in hand with other mechanical issues (hocks, SI) so i’d need to be sure that KS had been the only issue and that this was fully resolved, but even then would only consider for low level work and reduced price.
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    WWYD in terms of involving vet

    Along these lines, might a barefoot rehab be worth considering OP? I’ve know a lot of people (myself included) that have been through remedial shoeing and ended up there for one reason or another.