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    A Very Sad Day In The Life Of A Work Rider 😭

    Oh no!!! I've just been catching up on FB and saw the yard post ... so very sorry, Elf - awful news. Loved reading about him in your posts ... Sleep tight, Big Bad Borris. 😢
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    Can you imagine life without horses?

    I'm starting to imagine it. After decades of mucking out and getting up early 365 days a year with few breaks, holidays or any lie-ins (or spare money!) I know that I wouldn't be able to afford the purchase price of another after H and feel I'd actually quite like to try another kind of life ...
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    I lost my Spud.

    Oh, I am so very sorry! Making that kind of decision is always so hard. Sometimes, you have no choice but to make the call then and there. Sometimes, you just have to do what you can, then (kindly) do what you did: look at the options, the reality, the outcome and the fairness to the animal...
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    Prices just went up another level

    From what I've seen on several occasions over the last year, it's thrown people's 'don't touch with a barge pole' antennae totally out of whack. Where before, you'd have said 'If it's that only that price, what's wrong with it?', people are now spending thousands and buying the sort of trouble...
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    are all yards the same

    I think it has become a bit of a rant, yes! No, not all yards are the same. All the yards I've been on in over 50 years (including my own family's yard) have been very chilled and generally joyful places. They may not have been the smartest nor the most posh, but they have all been happy places...
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    Horse riding holidays U.K.

    I went to Cae Iago in Wales a few years ago - loved it and would go back in a heartbeat.
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    Look at these plaits

    They are amazing, aren't they? She's one of the horses bred by the Penhaligon Stud :)
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    Farewell Fly

    Gorgeous tribute ... but so sorry you had to say goodbye ... Sleep well, Fly.
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    Would you get your horse stuffed?

    Not unless I needed a new saddle rack. Seriously, I wouldn't see the point as for me, once the light in their eyes has gone, so has their soul from their body. I don't believe in much but I do believe that bit of them, their very essence will stay with me until it's time for me to go too...
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    What's happened to shiteventers?

    Don't know - I did think there was a shortage of people falling off on my FB page this morning, though ... 🤔
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    hello i am back!!

    *waves* Hello and welcome back!
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    A Day In The Life Of A Work Rider - Fresh Monday's!

    Love it! Thanks for that, Elf!
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    Right. Elf On A Shelf, a racing question ...

    Thank you for the explanation ... maybe freestyle racing could become a 'thing' - choose your own direction, course, pace and style ... betting on it would be fun ...
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    Right. Elf On A Shelf, a racing question ...

    Presume the commentator was kind of supposed to understand what was happening before they accepted the gig ... 🤷‍♀️ Nothing injured as far as I can see and none of the fences look too bad but the sign-posting was a bit suss ...?!?
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    Right. Elf On A Shelf, a racing question ...

    WTF is happening here?! :oops: