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    Letting someone use your arena

    Mine did too
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    Our Yorkshire Farm- Amanda and Clive split

    I love their show and adore the family, but it was clear to see on the show that something wasn't quite right. Amanda really changed and you didn't see Amanda and Clive together much. I'm not surprised by the news but still saddened all the same. (I did read they split some time ago but have...
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    Long boots

    I found the worst for this is Mountain Horse Sovereign. I had two pairs and sold them both on ebay as they dropped so badly that they looked dreadful. I had them properly fitted by a rep on the MH stand at Badminton a few years ago so I know they fitted correctly (they were pretty snug)...
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    Bramham horse trials accident

    A good friend who is an ex international eventer (he's in his 60s now and was at the top of his game in the 70s and 80s) has said to me once that there appears to me more accidents as people/horses are no longer gaining experience on the hunting field anymore, and also people are in too much of...
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    How often do you compete?

    Not a showjumper myself but my best friend was a sjer and I had a horse on a yard with a top sjer. What I was surprised to learn was just how little the horses were jumped at home. They barely jumped, and just had a tune up a couple of days before a show. So maybe for a few months you could...
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    What inspires you. Or who?

    I don't admire top riders. I do admire people who do it on a shoe string with limited facilities and funds, working full time not in the horse industry, on horses not bred for the job etc etc. Someone I know used to get terribly frustrated at 'only' getting upper 50%'s at PSG who fitted the...
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    Waxed Nubuck Riding Boots ??

    Can anyone else advise?
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    Waxed Nubuck Riding Boots ??

    Tbh I'm a loyal celeris customer. Just never had waxed nubuck so keen to hear how the leather stands up to wet weather and if it actually stains. I know a lot of country boots are made from nubuck so hopefully it fairs well in wet weather.
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    Waxed Nubuck Riding Boots ??

    I'm looking at getting some bespoke riding boots for winter. My current tan boots stain in the rain so I'm considering a waxed nubuck pair. Does anyone know if they will stain in the rain or (as I would assume) would the rain just roll off as they are 'waxed' ? What are your experiences of...
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    Vet doesnt know

    I would scope. If your horse has had them before, they don't just clear up and go away. More often than not, they return over and over again, especially if the root cause hasn't been established. Speaking from experience, I would scope and take it from there. (But I also agree with the SI...
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    Are Bates saddles really all that bad?

    Comment deleted as its an old post
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    Sparsholt College riding assessment

    Don't worry. You're going there to learn, so they aren't expecting you to ride like CDJ. Don't try too hard, just relax and be yourself. They will just need to know where you are currently at so that they can put you in the right group. I bet you have an awesome day, meet some lovely...
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    First Timer at Badminton

    I always go on dressage days as xc day is absolute chaos! I love to watch the dressage in the comfort of the undercover seating whilst eating lunch, and have a mooch round the shops. Shopping on xc day is nigh on impossible. You'll see more of the xc at home on the telly.
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    Online dressage

    I was terribly disappointed with Dressage Anywhere. They are incredibly mean with allocating rosettes and they are strictly allocated according to number of class entries. I know that is recommended by BD but I really think it's encouraging to receive a frilly for your efforts. I know...
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    Riding Tights Recommendations

    I'm a new convert to flexars. Can't fault them. Do be aware that you might need to size down though. The instructions on them states that they should be a little tight to pull up.