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    Anyone know of sum1 who backs and schools horses in South Bucks area

    Where exactly are you ? My yard manager is fantastic with young horses !!! She got the patience like a saint and uses natural horse man ship and her horses are the best mannered horses i have ever seen. She is firm but very calm with them !!!
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    Post vanished

    LOVE IT lol
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    Post vanished

    The Grey family are scummer than scum..they are not even worth sitting on a flea :) This video is very upsetting but speak for itself ..I have been reading all posts and finds it very funny,they really get under your skin winding you up and you can't help responding to their pathetic posts..ALL...
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    Post vanished

    We ALL know how Darlingcobs is...Patty aka Myjack :)
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    Great weekend for the Funnells

    It is soooooo nice to see Pippa doing well again :)
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    Two extra months for James Gray

    I would rather have " eye for an eye " he must suffer the way his animals did ! I would LOVE to be his prison warden for a day :)
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    Two extra months for James Gray

    BEAUTIFUL :) I CAN WATCH THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN !!!!!!! mmmm might pop some popcorn and enjoy it one more time :)
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    Two extra months for James Gray
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    "Ellen Whitaker refuses to ride for Britain under Rob Hoekstra".

    Not sure if it is an arrogant,brave or stupid decision by a spoiled girl or a professional rider ???!!!! But what ever decision it was hers ! I am sure that she is professional enough to know what she is doing knowing that she puts any future team selection in jeopardy .. But what really...
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    Do you (sadly) have experience of dementia?

    I have also been in your situation,my father develop Dementia after his second stroke. I kept having to close my eyes and remember that the man in front of me who suddenly became so different was still my father,but he was "gone" and it was the illness who made him what he was..we were very very...
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    Gray Appeal Rejected

    HE/SHE/IS lives in a land of make believe :) Has never even been close to the courts/hearing etc etc etc Just in here to wind people up so join us and put it on ignore and don't feed it anything :)
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    Bet this was frightening

    One lucky horse....
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    Young Eventer Emily King breaks pelvis

    wish her a quick recovery..
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    James Gray On the Run!

    What do you expect from a scumbag like that ? Mind you what family does he leave behind ? they have been as bad as him and all got a nasty streak in them as well !
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    Gray Appeal Rejected

    You have had 27 months to "prove" your case,since this has not been done,And don't use his absence as an excuse,why don't you go back under that stone where you have been for the last year and stay there ?? And while you are under there why don't you tell J.G to come out and face the music,he...