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    Slippery ramp! DIY ideas

    Some good ideas , just worth taking into consideration the weight of extra matting or wodden planks . Is the ramp is it sprung? , some can be adjusted to deal with extra weight. Also if you keep as much weight off the lower end of the ramp it will leave it easier to lift!
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    Does anyone tow with a Dacia Duster?

    Is it a new one you would be looking at? It may be pushing it to its limit, but might be worth getting a view of someone who has one, it would have to be the most powerful engine and 4x4 model to have a chance. I think the new diesel engine gives out 150hp which wouldn't be too bad (think they...
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    Dummy’s guide to electric fencing

    Some good advice given above, routine checking of portable fence systems are also very important to know when to change out the battery or if there is any damage to the line. A good investment is an electric fence tester and check the power going through the fence regularly. I usually chose a...
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    Boxing Day... Our first hunt

    Great snaps ! lovely horse looked like a great day out !!
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    Now This Really Is A Shocking Display.....

    Thought it was just me
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    Now This Really Is A Shocking Display.....

    Cant see the video (wont play with me here in IRE ) but probably for the best. We all feel frustrated at times especially when it comes to working with animals and when they dont preform or act as how you want them too. But you should never take your anger out on them. You need to know when...
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    you advertise a horse to sell then don't reply ....why?

    Yes very good point made, they may think your too experienced and may ask some hard questions/ or notice something they wouldnt want you to see. It is very frustrating when your genuinely interested. :(
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    Yard security - no electricity.

    Yea, cameras have come a long way now and you can set up a system to run for months on a small car battery . As said coupled with motion sensor solar lights and also there are some great motion activated hunting cameras with night vision which can be picked up for not too much these days. Also...
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    Cheer us up Post!

    First off its perfectly normal to feel stressed about exams and other life stuff (every one stresses, they just might not show it as much ! ) you just have to hang in there and things will improve. Just give it time. Not necessarily a horse story today but ... .. . To cheer you up, I was out...
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    you advertise a horse to sell then don't reply ....why?

    With some people its difficult to know! as said, it may be a fake website looking for "click bate" which sometimes can happen. But some people are just messers and dont know what they want. I generally stay away from ads such as the one you mentioned after giving them one chance. But it really...
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    New Shelter

    Its always nice to have some proper sheds and structures in place. And great to have proper gateways and paths in place so your not trying to trudge through in the dark cold wet winter nights with muddy water splashing over your wellies (been there done that). A lot of paddocks have been hit...
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    Are odd job men needed on yard?

    Always a need for a handyman in most yards/ farms, as there are always odd jobs to be done. As mentioned previously people are usually wary about letting someone they dont know in to do work, so usually a handyman is someone you know locally or through word of mouth.
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    So who is going to Burghley ?

    Thanks for the info, I think I will head up early on Saturday and hang around after to get a bit closer to the jumps. Going to bring my camera too to try get some shots. Might throw in the wellies also just in case. :) Getting excited now, roll on Saturday!
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    So who is going to Burghley ?

    Excellent, really tempted to travel up on Saturday. I have always wanted to go and now that I am living close by, its worth a journey up. Do they do course walks if you get up there early enough? would love to get a close up of the jumps. Also would you recommend wellies? I think the weather...
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    So who is going to Burghley ?

    I would love to go to this, can you buy tickets at the gate? I might go on Saturday if I haven't left it too late to get a ticket