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    Seighford, Staffordshire

    Lovely horsey area with lots of good hacking and plenty of yards. Is the dressage one Ashwood? If so lots of details on Facebook if you look up Ashwood Livery etc. Lovely place with super facilities
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    Adult mounted games today - AMAZING!

    Very much a character lol. He's a traditional palamino
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    Adult mounted games today - AMAZING!

    Yes we were, that's my sister's heavy weight cob Sunny. She was not impressed he bronced her off in the first race!!!
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    Adult mounted games today - AMAZING!

    Was great fun! 5th year I think that we've done this. 17hh of ginger ISH having fun. Great video our team was to the right of you in the milk race.
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    Cushings and loss of appetite

    Basically diagnosed with Cushing's in January this year. TRH stimulation test showed a level of 660 when should be below 100. Started on 1 tablet of Prascend/day. Had to reduce for a week as loss of appetite and diarrhoea. Retested end of March when level had dropped to just over 300. Another...
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    Stafford(2) BE in July

    Stand more chance of getting in if you offer to volunteer.
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    Stafford BE photographer

    Pretty certain video is eventful life but not sure on pro tog this time, usually Bill Parrott.
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    Shoppers... Brown tendon boots Woof wear do them in brown as I've got the smart tendon boots in brown, not sure they do them in brown anymore but I've put a link to others in brown that they do
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    adult mounted games

    There was also a 17hh ginger beastie taking part who although gets very excited when taking part is also damn good at bending, and the flag race etc ...... It's held at Rodbaston I think in April and is great fun, teams of 4 horses and riders and a 5th member on...
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    Rodbaston. Has new

    Have they topped up like last time, or has the old surface gone?
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    Anyone's horses clipped and still living out?

    Yes, hunter clipped, ISH, lives out all winter, mostly in a sheet with neck cover, ad lib hay, two feeds a day. Copes fine.
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    Hock spavin - crisis of confidence!

    My boy has had this twice, two lots of cortisteroid jabs and touch wood he's sound. We do everything including XC and jumps up to 4'. If yours is happy carry on.
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    volunteers needed at Weston park

    If that email address is wrong please try this one -
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    volunteers needed at Weston park

    Yes please, can you email thanks.