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    Sick to death!!

    No. Not just you ;)
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    WWYD in this situation?

    So very sorry to hear about Badger xx
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    Skinny TB, HELP!

    Those sound very large feeds! Have you weighed them? It may be that you are giving her too much in one go and as a result she isn't able to feel the benefit of much of the feed.
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    Alltech Lifeforce ???

    I got x3 months worth on special offer and would say it made absolutely no difference at all to my horse, and I think it was a waste of money!
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    Elvis Vetting update - WWYD?

    Heartbreaking as it is for you right now, I think you've had a lucky escape too. I've had a couple of failed vettings when horse hunting, which I was gutted about at the time, but I think I then found better horses (who were sound!). Good luck in your search.
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    Calmers for work while on box rest?

    I've always been sceptical about calmers, but on my vet's advice I used Prokalm for when my boy (also known as the duracell bunny!) had to be on boxrest and I am staggered at how effective it is. It is pricey, but I've claimed for it on my insurance.
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    Laser treatment for ligament injury

    The horse is under the care of a vet and an osteo.
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    Laser treatment for ligament injury

    On the recommendation of my osteo, I have hired an equilaser to use on our horse who has recently suffered a trauma injury to the medial branch of her suspensory. Has anyone any experience of using laser treatment on an injury like this? Would I best to use it before or after her ten minutes...
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    Horse constantly hops in to canter and won't trot?

    Hopping behind during an upwards canter transition is a classic symptom of hind lameness. I would get the vet to take a look at your horse.
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    These would be the questions that I'd be asking, too. Personally I wouldn't risk it when you still don't know the cause of the lameness.
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    syringe calmers - Oxyshot & Mark Todd not available, what else?

    Have you tried Prokalm? I used it when I first started ridden work with a horse who had been on boxrest for months and months, and it certainly helped take the edge off her (she's a sharp horse anyway!)
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    Aoife Clark - any news on her horse?

    He passed me between huntsman's close and the quarry and smacked the horse who looked completely exhausted - I've never seen Armada look like that before. I was very uncomfortable seeing him pushing the horse on and I'm not surprised he was disciplined for it. I would have welcomed the officials...
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    The 2014 Arcequine Thread

    Has anyone any experiences of using an arc equine on a check ligament injury? TIA.
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    Best turnout rugs?

    Rambo - I wouldn't buy anything else. Their supremes are the best rugs on the market, imo.
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    Lincoln pine tar spray will clear it up.