Laser treatment for ligament injury


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2 February 2006
On the recommendation of my osteo, I have hired an equilaser to use on our horse who has recently suffered a trauma injury to the medial branch of her suspensory.

Has anyone any experience of using laser treatment on an injury like this? Would I best to use it before or after her ten minutes of walk work?

Thanks in advance for any feedback :)


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25 August 2010
What I am trying to say is that if your vet is aware you are using the laser machine he would be the best person to advise you on the best way to use it, he knows the Injury and the horse far better than anyone on here, I have no experience of what you have hired so can't comment in regards to that someone else on here may have used one, how bad is the ligament damaged? I only ask as one of my horses is on 3 months box rest with a hind suspensory ligament injury and he has done a right job on it.


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26 July 2008
Never heard of Equilaser before so just had a quick look :) I have had laser treatment for my horse, but my physio friend brings her super mega expensive laser machine and does it for me! Presumably the equilaser comes with instructions for the type of injury? The machine my friend has has different settings or levels, I dunno exactly, something to do with wavelength I suppose. But it's supposed to improve the rate of healing.

I've had it done for boney and ligament injuries, though of course I've never had a control leg to know whether it helps or not ;) I've always had it done when horse is cold in the stable. Probably one of those things that won't do any harm, provided you follow the instructions & are under vet supervision. When they are injured, you're just willing to try everything, aren't you?