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    All change here, and it’s going to feel really weird

    That's a lot of change in a short space of time good luck with it all
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    Hormonal mare, at my wits end

    Have a blood test done to see if she has raised testosterone levels, could be a tumor on the ovaries
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    Brewers Yeast - lots of folk use it but what is general consensus?

    Have recently brought some for my mare, how much would you feed a day, hopefully it might make her less itchy
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    Fal Pro Sale

    I wish I had not read this just ordered a new rug, I did need but had not planned to buy just yet !
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    Dressage competition report

    Congratulations great result
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    Pictures Happy Christmas to my fellow H&Hs

    Merry Christmas 🌲🌲
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    Anyone live in Brittany?

    I am in Central Brittany about 50mins from Scaer we have wonderful riding and great competition also plenty of Rando's all local. The weather is the weather, very hot this year no grass as no rain for months but that is unusual I saw the winter will make up for the dry summer😝 But love it here...
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    Anyone live in Brittany?

    Hi I live in Brittany and know the area well PM if you want anything what size of house and how much land do you want ?
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    Spain or France advice please!

    I live in France, and love it. Vets are not as advanced as in the uk but there are plenty of equine specialists if you can travel. I now have a great farrier but many are not great. Land houses are much cheaper than the uk, but wages are lower! Feed is changing all the time with more low sugar...
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    My next equine project horse

    She looks fantastic well done all the team
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    Le Trec in france

    If you put that gives you the list of disciplines in that dept (Charente) just change the dept number as required. You can also ffe for competitions Local groups also hold there own which will only be advertised locally
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    Le Trec in france

    It's very popular in Brittany, And most of France I think any area in particular I can send you a link to the dept.
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    Moving Horse to France

    I would recommend LOC have had a few horses brought over and they were fantastic horses step of the lorry like they have been on for 10 minutes
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    Whoo Hoooo .....

    How exciting you must post some pics
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    International Transporters

    I recently had a young horse shipped from the UK to France with LOC they were great very helpful on the phone and via email so office staff great and all the people on the lorries were excellent horse arrived very calm and happy very pleased with LOc