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    New neighbors horses pooping everywhere

    Good to hear of the progress. I would scoop it up, pop round and ask what car the girl owned and then leave it on the bonnet .... Dont do this, i am more on the petty side so cannot be trusted for solid advise, lol!
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    Equine Agility UK - what a fun evening

    Sounds and looks like a lot of fun ... and your horse is beautiful by the way :)
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    Astra Zeneca jab

    I had my 1st AZ jab Sunday morning and by Sunday night i was floored, in bed shivering, sweating, headache, felt absolutely rotten! Spent Monday on the sofa and felt well enough to do bare minimum to horse Monday afternoon/ early evening! Headache subsided yesterday? Ate paracetamol which just...
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    Riding or horses?

    I think i lean more towards the 'pet ridden'
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    Let's talk bits - are the pricier ones (Neue Schule, Sprenger etc) worth it?

    I've never really had a horse who was fussy until now so im in that unenviable position of needing to find the right bit. Any recommendations for a bridle/ bit fitter in the Buckinghamshire area would be greatly appreciated.
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    Let's talk bits - are the pricier ones (Neue Schule, Sprenger etc) worth it?

    Great question. I see a Neue schule bit on ebay for over a hundred quid and then one that looks exactly the same for £38 ... I'm assuming there must be a decent reason for the price difference and not just image and reputation?
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    Prices just went up another level

    It will fall when people stop buying them for stupid money! I have noticed a lot of the low end types who sold for stupid money, now coming back on the market for a lower price but still high, so obviously they are trying to recoup some money from the stupid decision to buy an unhinged, broken...
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    How to keep a dog busy during rest without food?

    Personally I wouldnt worry too much. Recovery times are pretty quick nowadays so crate her and let her sleep most of it. I would still use food but i would take the 'dinner' portion, or at least some of it, and put it in the kong. Our cats and dog get nothing for free. They think they are...
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    Is it normal for a horse to hate rain this much?

    Yes 16.2 full Irish Draft from an apparently unspoilt home in Ireland. Doesnt like rain on his neck much and happily stables in bad weather...... but god help us all if the SNOW touches him ... that is NOT ON!!!!! I was poo picking the other day and he frog marched me to the yard when it...
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    This week...

    I've not long finished strip grazing the last of my winter standing foggage but to be honest I've no intention of giving him anymore grazing. He was looking good and just right the other week but now he's as round as a house and his poos are very wet and green but looking at his patch of grazing...
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    Neck strap that sits in the right place

    Practice grabbing it wherever it is, job done :)
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    Rugging up older horses - keeping OAP's warm

    I think it depends who you ask, just dont ask one of my neighbours who thinks its acceptable to leave her two oldies in rugs, sweating, when it was reaching 17-18 degress the other week and when she finally took their rugs off its been cold and wet ever since .. and guess what .. not a rug in...
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    Dressage saddles for hippopotamus

    Have a look at Balance International. Might be over budget for new but they do occasionally come up 2nd hand!
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    High energy mare mentally checking out when anticipating a fun activity

    Dont be disheartened. You know her better than any of us and you have given us a 'brief' in your first post which we've responded to so dont take it too personally. You've now given more information which may change some people's mind and you, of course, might be right, she may just be a bit of...
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    Can the farmer shoot my dog?

    You have a less than desirable character :D