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    Just Coz she's cute.

    Oh my, seriously cute!!!!
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    lightning & horses

    I leave mine out, but then they are both middle aged so I tend to think they have lived through multiple storms without incident. In the main scheme of things the chances of getting struck by lightening are quite slim and horses scared of loud noises like thunder could be easily injured in...
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    Filtabac Users

    Definitely changed formula and nowhere near as good. It used to stay on really well and you could keep adding layers to it which you cannot do with the new stuff. I stopped using it and apply zinc as castor oil cream now or a nose mask.
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    Would you?

    No, poor horse to have such a stupid owner.
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    How do you clean the inside of your Wellington boots?

    Absolutely this, newspaper really speeds up the drying process.
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    An introduction of sorts

    She is lovely, pleased you have found a nice horse. I remember when you lost Ed.
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    Palomino showing

    This is mine, he did very well showing until an out of control horse collided with him in the ring. He got a terrible fright and was unable to gain his confidence back showing so sadly he is pretty much my trekking horse now which he loves. Never once did I feel we were penalised for his colour.
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    Palomino showing

    Yes this is the one I was thinking of, he is beautiful.
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    Palomino showing

    T There’s a top quality riding horse doing the rounds at the moment that’s palomino, it’s with one of the producers as is winning at top level.
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    Queen Anne Legs, lets see them

    He looks like a real character!
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    Hi just wondering here

    In my very late 20's I wasn't fortunate enough to have my own horse until then. Rode at a riding school from the age of 6 and during my teenage years was fortunate to be allowed to ride ponies owned by a local dealer.
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    Queen Anne Legs, lets see them

    Following on from the other post, it seems that there are plenty around, just for fun lets see your dogs. I will start off with Wallace, he was a rescue 14 years ago, I have no idea of his breeding, some corgi and possibly pomeranian perhaps, but could be plenty of others he is quite unique...
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    Horse prices - groan

    I think you are underestimating the price it costs to breed a decent horse, from the stud fee to production. Something that is ready to go elementary will have had a good few hours training put into it.
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    My thoughts entirely.
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    Striped hooves - showing?!

    Same here, I think it looks awful and very unnatural. My mare is jet black and a county standard riding horse but I only use the clear oil as I think it looks so much better.