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    Tie-up Rails / Posts?

    you can attach the top rail to the others using no 8 wire, needs to be done tightly but works very well
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    Lovely pics...

    Absolutely this, and beautifully turned out.
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    AIBU - probably but very cross

    That is awful, I certainly wouldn't pay and would change my vet when this is all sorted. Poor dog and you could do without the worry too. I hope she heals soon.
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    What is the Best Western saddle pad?

    The Professional Choice ones are pretty good.
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    How do you clean your brushes?

    I use my dishwasher for all but the leather backed body brush, i'ts also great for bits and stirrups. I do live alone however!
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    Is insurance worth it

    Sadly it has been well worth it for me. I have lost two very expensive horses in two years. One collapsed with a mesenteric aneurysim (had autopsy) and two weeks ago my beloved mare to colic. Prior to this earlier in the year I had a $1500 vet bill for lameness paid for too. Ironically she...
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    Has anyone ever had a 3 horse trailer?

    Very popular over here, horses travel herringbone. Just need one of the big 4WDs to tow it.
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    That’s a question I always ask as my chickens and dogs are frequently around my horses feet especially at feed time. I couldn’t have a chicken or dog intolerant horse here.
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    EPSM people...I have Cody’s results:-(

    I am sorry disappointed for you, what rotten luck.
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    Update - my little dog with dementia

    What a grand old lady she looks in the photo. I am so sorry for your loss.
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    Collegiate Dressage Saddles - Opinions?

    Lower end of the market but decent saddles. Good value for mone.
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    Foal pics, meet Hera

    She is stunning and a huge time waster I imagine. Looking forward to following her journey.
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    Stopping crud going down hoof boots?

    A friend of mine uses rubber over reach boots with fluffy tops reasonably successfully.
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    Please give your horse the benefit of the doubt - Muffin update

    Sorry to read this, you will feel much better when the deed is done I am sure. Lucky horse to have had an owner with such insight.