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    How many competition breeches/jods do you own ?

    I have 3 pairs, two pairs for dressage as I often attend 2 day shows and need a clean pair each day, and 1 pair for showing.
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    Happy gentle falling off stories please!

    Got bucked off in the sea once in front of a party of school children on a nature study trip. At least it was a soft landing. I can still hear the laughter from the kids so embarassing!
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    Quad bikes for poo picking paddocks

    I don't have the time or inclination to push a wheelbarrow over 5 acres nor can it pull a trailer with bales of hay when I bring my hay in, pull harrows round my arena and paddocks or cart heavy sacks of feed about. I have an elderly suzuki goes great pulls a huge trailer, runs on the smell of...
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    Quad bikes for poo picking paddocks

    I have an elderly suzuki goes great pulls a huge trailer, also handy for carting stuff round on the tray, raking my arena, pulling harrows etc. runs on the smell of an oily rag too!
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    Buying dilema

    Each to their own, personally I wouldn't even go and look at something that I didn't find attractive and up to show standard. But that"s just my preference. Even if I was not going to show it.
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    Horse killed lamb… upset and angry

    That must have been horrific for you and the poor sheep. It is actually not that uncommon, have known several horses that kill lambs. Including one belonging to a friend who had a sheep farm, she had to be so careful to make his paddock lamb proof.
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    Buying horses unseen

    Yes, have done was a cheapish project and a super type and I was confident that I could put some work into her and sell her on if I didn’t like her. She is absolutely great now that I have put work into her, but she won’t be going anywhere! She isn’t my competition horse however I would not...
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    Age is but a number!

    Looks like they are having a whale of a time, he is a stunning looking horse but as you say I wouldn't pick him out to be an ex racehorse.
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    Having a horse put down - Injection or Gun ?

    I have had 3 PTS by injection, all went peacefully, I would want an experienced vet to do it though.
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    Harley is 30 years old today!

    What a cute, darling old boy!
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    FBHS list - a select bunch

    Many years ago I did a couple of clinics with Ian Stark, he was brilliant, got the best out of each horse/rider combination was fun and genuinely interested in everyone. He had some great ideas for grid work.
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    Towing with Jeep Cherokee (NOT the grand!)

    I have known a couple of people with them, whilst they tow well and are nice to look at etc, they seem to never be out the garage with problems, it is also my understanding that they are expensive to fix.
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    Could You Gel With A Grumpy Horse?

    Not for me, I love cuddly friendly horses who are always pleased to see me and enjoy being fussed over.
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    What consitutes a 5 or 10* home?

    Your set up sounds perfect and you sound like an experienced owner. I know plenty people who think their horses have a 5* home and to me they certainly don't. ie kept in tiny taped paddocks with no company, only ever ridden in an arena, questionable standards of farriery etc.