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    Riding in the Lake District

    Cumbrian Heavy Horse are great, but obv not ponies
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    You have been very good to him, and I think he appreciates it.
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    Whip/crop/stick - Outdated or legitimate aid?

    Yes it is tricky isn't it. I can see the place for it in saving a situation sometimes, as said above - shying into traffic eg or stopping backing into something dangerous. But out hacking on ponies I knew, my loan pony or my own, I never carried one. I really don't think it would have helped...
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    Looking for the impossible

    Juliet Clarke a dealer near Pershore has a forward going hacking cob. I don't know her personally, but I follow her on facebook because I enjoy her videos. She seems to have a lot of satisfied customers
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    Horse frightened of tractors

    Oh yes Julia my pony who was very good in traffic of any sort (slightly less so with rubbish in the hedge but not too bad) was absolutely terrified when we once met a horse being driven.
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    I’m not sure what to think….

    I can't remember where I read this at all, but I loved David Broome's description of how the four finalists had to swap onto all three other horses in some show jumping competition and how he thought about how to (and did) ride them. One of them was Matty Brown, I think, and another looked very...
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    Pictures A Mimosa update

    Sounds exciting Lady G!
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    Pictures A Mimosa update

    Thank you: I was hoping for a Mimosa update. She is looking fabulous.
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    I’m not sure what to think….

    That clip seems so at odds with how he came across. He seemed so laid back and relaxed. He looks a bit demented in that clip - in the sense that he has lost it.
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    Not good news on my return to riding

    Very sorry to hear this. Loved that last picture. Sending best wishes for finding a suitable equine when the time is right.
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    Rocking Horses

    We had to sell a Haddon rocking horse lately at auction - not an antique - probably made and bought in 1980s. Sold for about £270 I think, was in pretty good condition and could be ridden by a small adult.
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    Janet George RIP

    I was very sad to hear this. She was very generous with her time and knowledge and I loved her comments about the horses she had bred.
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    Pictures Memories

    I loved that story you told about her and the child in the water
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    cob cross arab's...

    I think that too LG
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    Sad goodbye to a much loved mare

    I'm very sorry for your loss. But it does make me a bit happy to hear how an older horse was loved and looked after until the end.