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    Our lap of honour was the best

    Nice and neat and nice matching horses too!!
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    there are no words to describe my anger

    Disgusting. I am also quite shocked how the 2 people arrested have been allowed bail.
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    Plane crash on A1M - anyone know anything?
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    Mini Horse needs urgent operation...

    I have just seen this on West Country today. I too thought that the best option is surely to put the pony down. I felt so sorry for it watching it try and hobble around. :mad:
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    Free entry to Cheltenham tomorrow!!!!

    No fair! Are they going to require passport to verify it or just the Aussie twang?!
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    Bless him! Awww! Bless him! Hope he ends up in a nice loving home. :)
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    loose horse in Cheltenham Glad to hear it was caught ok. Hope the owners have been found.
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    Science versus Old Wives Tales?

    Impaction can be caused by a lack of water and dehydration. In order for things to move through the gut they need to be soft and contain a certain amount of water.
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    Sympathies to the person who's horse died.

    RIP to the horse. Was awful to see, a very obviously broken back leg. Did wonder who it was as I wasn't paying attention at the time.
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    Donkeys still looking for winter homes

    We had a beach donkey one winter! We just had the one and kept it with our 3 ponies! It was so cute! Dad used to bring it for walks when I hacked my pony out! Would follow quite happily but wouldn't go infront and couldn't be dragged anywhere but could be driven from behind!!
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    Months trial

    Thanks guys. I did have doubts and have been umming and ahhing about it but thought maybe i was being unreasonable. But the fact that you guys have said you wouldn't let your horse out on trial or wouldn't ask for a trial if you were buying kinda suggests i'm not being unreasonable. Think i'll...
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    Months trial

    They've been to try the horse, and i said they woud be welcome to come back again if they wanted to but they asked for a months trial. I said i wasn't sure so i am going to see where he will be kept first. A lot of people have asked me about "loan with view to buy" which i have said no to as i...
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    Months trial

    Don't think he'd be used as a PC camp horse as i'm only selling him as a hacker as he's not done much over last few years and they're not a PC family. But it does worry me they'll just have a horse free for a month, or of course the horror stories of horses being out on loan and being sold on...
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    Months trial

    Anything i should consider before letting my horse go for a months trial pre-sale? I'm guessing i'll have to give them the passport? I'll obviously photocopy it and keep copies myself. Should i ask for a deposit? Also if you were selling a horse would you let it go out on a months trial? Just a...
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    Natasha Richardson Has Died

    How tragic. Was just checking my emails at work and when i logged off noticed the headline on MSN.