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  • Interesting visitor posts! I'm thinking of BARF for the puppies and wondered if you had a guide or list of food that dogs are supposed to eat on a BARF diet. If I want to go the BARF route, should I start them on it now or should I wait til they're a bit older?

    Millions of thanks for any advice, Marie-Claire X
    Hi there Kaitie. I wonder if you may be able to help me please with a question but im not sure if you will know the answer.

    Do you know how long a body can stay chilled before its too late to embalm please?

    Thank you
    Hi Katie, well I survived my first day as a trainee funeral arranger!

    I really enjoyed it although it was mainly paperwork. I had a great conversation with the embalmer who explained a lot to me and has told me to go in any time to 'see him in action' :)

    I start a Btec course on Thursday, so looking forward to that as well.

    I'm still buzzing!

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