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    How do you create a solid hacking horse?

    I could not agree more. I breed and produce sport horses. They are all out of top class competition mares and by top class competition stallions. They are all backed at three years old and they go out for a short hack before being turned away until they are 4 when they come into proper work...
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    Mystery of Recurrent Colic

    I have one horse that had colic surgery five years ago due to a massive impaction. I now always soak her hay - not for hours but enough to make sure that it is very wet. She also has a very liquid bran mash as her last feed about 9pm (they live at home!) again to keep the fluid levels up.
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    Lunged for 3 hour's!

    I have seen itmyself. - At a county show on a massively hot day and a 12.2 pony being lunged in several rugs, wool bandages etc etc. After a half hour I intervened to receive a load of .......... What a horrible world showing is. Same day my jumpers were worked in as little as possible and...
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    Experiences of part livery (whatever happened to assisted)

    I think also liveries have to accept that staff within the equestrian industry now, quite rightly, want properly paid employment with holidays, sick pay, pensions etc and it is they, the liveries, that will have to pay for that. The idea that you can DIY but ring someone up at silly o'clock...
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    Current horse market - am I being unrealistic?

    I think there is a huge difference in price between a 13.2 and a 16 - 16.3 ! You may be able to find someone to back your pony for £800. I regularly have young sport horses broken in in the Home Counties and the going rate is £250/week plus VAT. After 6 weeks they would be broken, in that an...
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    If you had your time again, would you bother with horses?

    I had my first horse when I was 16 and have had horses ever since. I have good ones, some very very good ones and some disasters. It all makes you who you are. I joined the Pony Club and then a riding club and joined in everything including being on all the committees. Similarly with BS. I met...
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    how to increase hack length

    I read a very interesting article many years ago from a high level event rider who fed his horses nothing except top quality hay (remember the word top) until they reached advanced level eventing and then added hard feed if they needed it. I now breed and produce top level show jumpers and at...
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    Tell me about cocker spaniels please

    They are very affectionate, great fun and very active. They do seem to be prone to chewing up their bedding and toys - Pets at Home Indestrucibtle toys have obviously not been tested on a WCS! Life span of said toy = 2 minutes!!
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    Sorry! A "how much?" thread

    Pigs - most horses hate them. Your kissing spine does not sound as though it actually exists - the vet said the spines were close but not touching. Probably, in view of the fact the hrose has not been worked that much, once he is fit and worked correctly they wil never be a probelm. There is...
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    If you have small dogs, are you very wary of bigger ones?

    Really!! They are pretty big!!!
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    If you have small dogs, are you very wary of bigger ones?

    Why do big dogs get such bad press? I have a Great Dane - 63kgs. She is bullied by pretty much everything and she could easily flatten those ghastly terriers, shit-tsu and chihuahua but she does not, she tolerates their agressive behaviour. Meanwhile the owners think it is funny that their...
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    What is wrong?

    I would get a vet check with attention to front feet. Horses often stop at fences because they actually do not want totake off and land on painful feet. Feet can be medicated in the same way as hocks and thelonger you can keep him active but out of pain, then the longer he will keep well.
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    Embryo Transfer Donor Mare

    There are loads of studs doing embryo transfer work. Go onto Facebook, British Breeders and post that the mare is available.
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    Sunshine Tour SJ and a little dilemma

    The Travelodge is walkable
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    Badminton horse trials tips

    Go to the event and then go out and drink near your accommodation?